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Employee of the Month – September


New Directions Wrexham have named Rebecca Evans as their Employee of the Month for September 2016. Rebecca said, "Thank you so much for giving me 'Employee of the month', I'm so pleased, it was such a lovely surprise. Thank you too for my beautiful flowers and yummy chocolates. I have really enjoyed working for you, you have been very supportive over the passed 8 months. I'm looking forward to continuing my work with you in the afternoons." Shannon Mash, Account Manager for New Directions Education commented, "Rebecca though roughly deserves Employee of the Month, she works so hard in every […]

A blog – Gary Williams – The Question of Supply

gw 2016

Today we woke to a popular breakfast television show discussing the role of supply agencies in England. I listened with interest as a very eloquent Becca Morgan of Principal Teachers defended our sector’s position within the education community. She was met with questions about the charges agencies make in supplying staff, the quality of teachers provided and how agencies make profit. It opened up a can of worms for the industry in terms of what is being delivered by a number of agencies with regards to their integrity. I wanted to respond today to celebrate what New Directions Education […]

Christmas Card Competition 2016


New Directions Education are delighted to announce the launch of our annual Christmas card design competition. The competition is open to the entire education community across the UK. How to enter: Simply design your Christmas card on the template provided (download here), fill in the details and return back to us by either post or email. Prize: The winning design will be used as our corporate card for the festive season and your school will benefit from a £500 cash prize. The Rules: Deadline: Monday 7th November 2016 Only one winning entry Entries to be submitted by post […]

A blog from Burge – Day three is here… #menofharlech


Day two hit really hard. It started exceptionally high with a tremendous launch in Aberystwyth from Ysgol Penweddig. The PE team and school staff were brilliant at getting our spirits focused for the task ahead. With around 65 miles facing us and over 4,000 feet of climbs this part of the route was certainly not for the faint hearted. Blistered, battered but utterly brave my fantastic team mates showed strength of character that quite frankly rivalled the recent Welsh international football team. It really brings it home to me out on the road the support we all give each other not just today, […]

New Directions supports LSA’s to gain qualifications


New Directions are currently working in partnership with Coleg Y Cymoedd to provide an excellent opportunity for New Directions candidates to gain their QCF Teaching assistant qualification. By supporting the candidates in a long term position at a school, they do not need to actually attend the college. They are supported by an approved assessor, who observes them during lessons and meets with them at school at suitably arranged times, to aid them through the course. Depending on their current level they can be supported for QCF level 2 or 3. Currently, Annamaria, Leanne and Louise are all […]

Burge’s Blog – Day Two… #MenofHarlech

A bit of breakfast to set us on our way...

So we made it…to Aberystwyth. As we cycled into the town in the glorious sunshine we couldn’t have been more relieved to rest our weary legs and take in a very very cold drink. The journey from Harlech afforded us some amazing views, and after being sent on our way so very enthusiastically by Ysgol Tan Y Castell - we had hope in our hearts and the best wishes of the school behind us. The roads were exceptionally kind to us, as was the weather. We stuck together as a team and urged one another on as the hills rose high. The camaraderie and all round banter has been outstanding. Cycling […]

Harlech School Sends Bikers on their Way


Harlech School Sends Bikers on their Way A group of school children from Ysgol Tan Y Castell in Harlech have launched a crowd of charity bike riders on their 200 plus mile trip to raise funds for the Cardiff City Community Foundation. The group who are sponsored by leading education recruitment specialists New Directions were cheered on by enthusiastic pupils who joined a warm-up exercise which set the 15 riders on their first leg of a Harlech to Cardiff (via Aberystwyth and Llanelli). The Cardiff City Community Foundation which was launched in 2009 aims to use the power of sport and education […]

#menofharlech – a blog from Burge -day one


So our preparation for the big day has all been done. We've 'carbed up' and bought essential liquids to keep us hydrated on what is set to be an absolute scorcher of a journey. As we arrived in the North West yesterday we were met with thunder storms and skies lit up with beautiful scenes of electric lightening. We took an evening stroll around Chester, ate some great food and contemplated the challenge ahead of us. Our first day will see us cycle about 60 miles and climb up to 5,000 feet depending on the final route we are given. It's daunting and the nerves have well and truly set in. […]

A blog from Howard – on yer bike…


A few months ago my colleague Chris Parsons and I signed up to take part in a rather lengthy bike ride for charity. Travelling over 200 Welsh miles with climbs summing a total of over 10,000 feet seemed like a challenge that as (relatively) fit chaps we would be happy to conquer. So here we are on the road in a bid to raise funds for The Cardiff City Community Trust. I think there is no harm in admitting…sharing with you all – we are nervous. Chris is yet to locate a water-proof jacket (he discovered his last one wasn’t when his iPhone ceased trading during a training session in the battering […]

Celebrating 20 years of the re-opening of The Brow C.P School


The Brow Community Primary School originally opened in September 1969, the first Primary school to be built to serve the initial population influx of the then newly established Runcorn New Town. On the evening of Sunday 11th December 1994, The Brow C.P School was completely destroyed by a fire and 25 years of treasured memories, memento's, staff possessions, children's work, equipment and documentation perished in the flames. Two years in exile followed at Norton Priory Comprehensive while Chair of Governors, Trevor Higginson led the battle to have The Brow rebuilt. A new chapter in the […]