Every Woman Day


EveryWomanDay is a project to raise awareness and share experiences about women’s health and lives, so that other women can benefit. With that in mind, let’s talk about what changes we can make to everyday behaviours. 

How often do you as a woman stand in front of the mirror and judge yourself? Picking out your flaws, cringing at the sight of stretch marks and cellulite. Often, I’m sure. Society has taught us to believe that we must ‘look like her’, we must be skinny and have glowing skin, we must not have lumps or bumps, we should be tall but not ‘too’ tall and ensure that our nails are perfect, and our hair is never out of place.

But what would happen if we said no to conforming with society’s standard of women. What if when we looked in the mirror, we didn’t see flaws but instead we saw strength in every stretch mark for they represent the life that we created. What if we saw courage in our scars for the surgery we survived? What if we stopped pulling them back and sighing but admired every smile line, for all the happy memories they were created by. What if when we looked in the mirror, we stopped seeing our flaws, but instead we saw us. 

We spend our whole lives comparing ourselves to other women, diluting our success because we believe it doesn’t stand up against another woman’s success. We are disappointed when we see our reflection because we didn’t wake up like that girl in that Instagram post. Young women are ashamed if they don’t own designer bags and a £50,000 car at 25 because they grew up watching reality stars who did. We have stopped lifting other women up because we think it might make us feel better if they don’t succeed, we have stopped celebrating our wins because someone else did more and we stopped talking about our feelings because someone else has it worse. We live chasing happiness that we have attached to things, to jobs, to material, to people. When actually, we are the only person who we should be looking at to deliver that happiness. 

So, today on EveryWomanDay, we challenge you to stop. To stop beating yourself up for simply being human.  To stop comparing yourselves to other women. To stop looking at yourself every morning and disliking what you see.  Instead, we’d like to see you celebrate life, stand with other women and clap when it’s their time. Be kind to yourself – your bodies have done amazing things and they allow you to be here, appreciate them. Be compassionate to others, we promise you will never stump your own success just because you lifted another person up. And finally, we challenge you to make that change now by sending this to another woman, a person who may need to hear it, who may need the lift. Or a woman who you want to celebrate for their success or resilience. 

Today is our day – let us stand together and celebrate.

Happy #EveryWomanDay