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Sharon tells us how it is…or rather how it should be… #antibullyingweek

I love social media, I love what it can do, how far it can reach and how it can impact people who exist far apart from their loved ones. We watch relationships emerge, grow and result in marriage and families of their own, we see exam success, new jobs and holiday stories unfold before our eyes on a daily basis.

Millions of pounds have been raised for charity; awareness of humanitarian plights is higher than ever before, so we should be celebrating the very best of social media right?
There’s a darker side, a more sinister, nasty underbelly that lurks and works to make some people’s lives an absolute misery. This is why my team and I will be supporting Anti-Bullying Week from the 14th to the 18th November 2016. Our business partners with the Anti-Bullying Alliance – a partnership we are exceptionally proud of. This year the theme for Anti-Bullying Week is Power for Good – #PowerForGood – this is what we will reflect on for the entire week.

We are hatching a takeover of our own social media accounts – we will of course keep posting our pertinent information, jobs, training etc. but additionally – we are going to show the Power For Good our accounts can have. Every day throughout the course of the week we will post a message of positivity – a thought or muse for the day. No doubt we will all be sick of our ‘memes’ by the end of the week, but this week is special. This is the week we stand up and say NO to bullying, this week we are doing it with our digital voices.

So – watch out for a New Directions Commercial outpouring of love and positivity…and if you could click and like them all, that would make us super happy 


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