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#SharonSpeaks – ‘Try before you buy’

There are many benefits of temp work , it’s not only an option if you haven’t yet found that perfect full-time or permanent job, but you get to try out the company or job before you commit to anything long-term.

Many skills are transferable within different industries and job roles, perhaps you are thinking of changing career or working in a completely different sector. Temp work could be a great opportunity to see whether that job or sector is for you.

Benefits of temping:

  • You’re in control and have complete flexibility when you work
  • It gives you the opportunity to learn new skills
  • Gain experience in other sectors or industries
  • Networking, build relationships that may ask for you back or consider you for a permanent role if one comes up in the future
  • Sometimes Temp work can lead to a permanent role

Omar has worked as a temp for New Directions for almost a year. He talks about the freedom temp work has given him.

“Sharon at New Directions gave me an opportunity to work in a temporary full time position. Having worked with Sharon for almost a year, I have received a lot of support throughout my time as a temp. Communication has been excellent and I can easily convey any problems at work directly through to Sharon. Working in a temporary role through new directions gave me freedom to think about which permanent role to apply for whilst working.  I am happy to recommend temporary work with New Directions.
Speak to your recruitment agency about current opportunities with regards to temp work in your area.

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