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Interviewing and Screening

New Directions Commercial aims to deliver quality candidates for consideration in the recruitment process. We understand that your time can often be in short supply, and so we aim to eliminate as many potential applicants as needed before we present a shortlist.

Our staff are trained to interview and pre-screen to a high level, to ensure that you meet only those applicants that meet the criteria set by you at the job registration stage.

We can work with you and your team to develop this process. We use your job and person specification to understand the ‘must have’ criteria. We can then handle all responses appropriately and sensitively.

We can offer the following services:

• Telephone pre-screening
• Face-to-face interviews
• Appropriate skills testing
• Referencing
• Administration of associated documentation (interview letters etc.)

Depending on your location, we can also offer you the opportunity to interview ‘off-site’ when you have created your shortlist. You may appreciate the privacy of another venue if the position(s) you are recruiting for are of a sensitive nature.