Do you know someone looking for work?

If you do, we’d like to speak to you, and them! 

You can receive £X if you recommend someone and we place them into work. 

Simply fill out the form below with your details and you will receive a unique code to share with your friend. They will then need to click on the link and enter their own details. Once submitted, we’ll be in touch with your friend within 24 hours. 

New Directions Talent is a specialist recruiter that puts the right people in the right places, the first time. We’re always looking for new candidates who are passionate about making a difference and achieving their potential. Sound like someone you know? 

*Terms and Conditions apply. 

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Please complete the form below to recommend a friend to New Directions Talent. 

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Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you obtain authorisation from the person you wish to recommend before providing their details to New Directions Talent. 

To qualify for the Referral Offer, the person recommended must successfully meet our registration requirements and have worked a minimum of X days within X months of becoming active to work for us, following completion of our Compliance process. The days don’t have to be worked consecutively. No payments will be due under this offer if these criteria isn’t met. 

The Referral Offer expressly excludes anyone who has worked via New Directions within the last two years from the date of your recommendation. 

You can recommend as many people as you like and can therefore receive multiple Referral Offers, subject to the qualifying criteria. 

The Referral Payment will be made to you within 30 days of your recommendation successfully meeting the Offer criteria. 

New Directions Talent reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time without any ongoing liabilities.