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Quality Assurance

The New Directions group of companies is dedicated to providing quality assurance in every element of our business. As a leading recruitment and training provider to key business sectors across the UK, we recognise the importance of continuous business process improvements. Our business has been awarded accreditation for the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 benchmarks. We worked closely with an external project management company to ensure that our working practices are efficient and of the highest quality.

ISO9001 – Quality Management

This standard is one of the most widely recognised world wide. It offers a set of guidelines that aim to help increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction. Working together with our project management company and key internal stakeholders, we mapped our processes to achieve quality and efficiency in every element of what we do.

Based on the key ISO principles: customer focus, good leadership, involvement of people, process approach to quality management, management system approach, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making and supplier relationships our business commits to evolving and growing as a quality focused organisation.

ISO14001 – Environmental Management

New Directions take full responsibility for the research and control of the effects our business has on the environment. By improving our efficiency and productivity, we aim to minimise waste and understand how to utilise and harness energy more efficiently. Our business has created an environmental management system to help drive continuous improvement. We recognise the benefits to both our business and the wider environment of implementing ISO14001.

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