Worm Turns for School Fundraising Efforts

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A Chester school has continued with their unique approach to raising funds for their students by hosting their annual Worm Festival.

Tattenhall Park Primary School launched the idea of a Worm Festival four years ago, with an idea inspired by the Deputy Headteacher, Emma Clark.

Speaking about the event, Headteacher Laura Noble said. ‘The Tattenhall Park School annual Worm Fest is such a fun way to engage the whole community and to raise some funds for our school at the same time. The winners of the Worm Fest Trophy automatically qualify to enter the International Worm Charming Championship. The winners of our first ever trophy went on to compete in the final held in Wales which I am delighted to say, they won! We hope this year’s winners will be inspired to go on and do the same’.

The worm charming competition consists of small groups and families having a two metre square plot of land in which they are allotted 30 minutes in which to “charm” as many worms out of the ground as possible.

The charmers set about luring the worms from the earth using a number of unusual techniques. These included wobbling a pitch fork in the ground, banging small drums on the ground to bouncing on a pogo-stick.

One of Tattenhall Park Primary School’s students was the eventual winner of the competition (pictured).

Dave Aslasken, who works for local recruitment and training provider New Directions Education, provided his thoughts on the occasion, commenting ‘Working within the education sector, we see so many brilliant ways in which schools work to engage their local communities and raise extra funds for their pupils, this is truly a first for me in terms of enterprising fund raising initiatives. Our team brought along our penalty shoot-out which is often a show stopper with visitors, the worm charming however, stole the day’.

The festival itself was a hailed great success with bouncy castles, numerous stalls, a barbeque and a live brass band playing.