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All Wales Award : Journalist

If you are a journalist or media contact who would like to find out more about the All Wales Award, please contact:

Ruth Dalton
Group Communications Manager
07972 131381

Press Releases Relating to the All Wales Award

Welsh Purchasing Consortium Employ New Directions

New Directions Education Ltd has been awarded the education master vendor contract for Wales. This agreement for the provision of agency workers within Wales’s education sector will save resource and contribute to greater economies of scale…New Directions Selected as Master Vendor for Wales

Newport Sign to the All Wales Agreement

Newport City Council has become the first local authority to sign up to the All Wales Agreement, working with New Directions Education in the provision of agency staff to schools across the country…Newport Sign Up to the All Wales Agreement

Videos about the All Wales Award


Gary Williams of New Directions Education Ltd talks about Newport City Council and AWA

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Hello my name is Gary Williams, I am Group Director of Business Development and Sales for New Directions Education, speaking today from our offices here in Cardiff at Harlech Court, with the great news that we have just signed up under the All Wales Framework agreement for the local education authority and the Borough of Newport. What this means for the Borough of Newport, is that we are the preferred supplier of Education staffing in our schools and education establishments right across the Borough. This is excellent news for our candidates in the area, because it means we will be the first port of call for most of the schools in the Newport area for their supply teaching and classroom support needs. If you want any more information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02920 390 133.


Gary Williams Introduces Training Facilities in Cardiff – New Directions

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Hello, I am Gary Williams and I am the Group Director for Business Development and Sales at New Directions Education. I am here today speaking to you about our wonderful training and conference facilities, right here in the centre of Cardiff and the Harlech Court Building opposite the CIA. We allow these facilities to be used on a regular basis for our own internal training of our own candidates and our own staff, but we also allow these facilities to be used by our own external clients and users. So any local authority, or any school, cluster of schools can use these facilities free of charge, with state of the art technology for, any conferences that you have, any training courses that you have and any internal meetings that you like to have and just hold them in the centre of Cardiff to maybe get out of the school building that you currently use for your meetings. If you would like to call us at any time, to book these facilities or just to enquire, please feel free to do so, it will be subject to availability as we already have organisations such as ASCL – Association of Schools and College Leaders, who use the facilities on a regular basis and other organisations as well. If you would like to use the facilities, please contact us on 02920 390 133 for further information. Thank you.