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Business Manager ā€“ Vacancies in England and Wales

Permanent Jobs for Business Managers

New Directions Education recruits for Business Manager roles for schools, including academies across the UK. If you are seeking this kind of permanent role, then we would welcome your CV so our teams in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Swansea and Wrexham can actively help you find your next position.

Business/finance manager vacancies are filled with candidates from various backgrounds including accountancy as well as other business-related sectors.

What to expect

The role of the Business/Finance Manager can also be known as a Bursar and is a complex and responsible post. With the introduction of academies it is now widely recognised as a key role within education sector.

Key Responsibilities

The Business Manager role has evolved from that of the School Bursar, but whereas bursars typically focus on purely financial administrative matters, business managers control a wider set of responsibilities which include:

  • Financial management, inclusive of setting budgets and negotiating contracts with suppliers;
  • Financial reporting, fundraising and making best use of resources;
  • Management of support staff, such as teaching assistants, catering staff and cleaners premises management;
  • Human resources, including overseeing staff training strategic planning, including meeting long-term education challenges and developments, as well as initiatives such as the ‘Every Child Matters’ Agenda;
  • Health and safety;
  • Relationship management with other schools and external partners.

Key points to understand of the role

  • Understand school structure and roles;
  • Understand teachers’ pay;
  • Understand school funding;
  • Understand national context and initiatives.

What can you expect from New Directions Education?

  • A dedicated account manager;
  • Regular and varied teaching supply work;
  • Competitive pay rates;
  • Potential long-term teaching roles;
  • Fully compliant with the Agency Workers Regulation (AWR);
  • Network of branches across the UK;
  • Preferred supplier status to 19 boroughs across the UK;
  • Recommend-a-friend scheme;
  • Respected reputation across the education and recruitment industry.