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New Directions Education are currently recruiting for Exam invigilators in the North Wirral Area’s .

We are just about to ahead into one of the busiest times here at New Directions, the Exam’s period.

We therefore are looking to recruit a number of Invigilators to work with us to ensure the smooth running of  the exams.  If you already have experience of invigilating within school examinations then great. For those that do not have initial experience we do offer exam invigilation training should any teaching assistants or teachers be looking for extra work during the exam period.

Duties of successful applicants will be:
* Setting up the examination venues by placing candidate booklets, examination papers, stationary and equipment at desks in accordance with strict procedures.
* Implementing the exam rules and remaining vigilant throughout the examination duration.
* Invigilating carefully, making sure that candidates do not talk inside examination venues and also responding to any examination irregularities immediately.
* Checking attendance during examinations, recording details of late arrivals and ensuring that proper seating plans are followed.
* Delivering and collecting scripts carefully at the start and end of the examination in accordance with strict examination procedures.
* Assisting with the packing of examination scripts, stationery and other equipment from the examination venues.

All applicants must hold a Child-Only Enhanced DBS Certificate registered with the Update Service, or be willing to pay for a new DBS.


Additional Information

Main purpose and object of the role: To provide support to the examination process.
Main duties: To support the Head Invigilator/ Examinations Team with the day-to-day operation of examination venues. This may include:

  • assisting with setting up examination venues by laying out stationery, equipment and examination papers in accordance with the outlined procedures;
  • assisting candidates prior to the start of examinations by directing them to their seats and advising them about possessions permitted in examination venues;
  • offering advice and guidance to unregistered candidates without allocated seats;
  • ensuring that candidates do not talk once inside the examination venue;
  • invigilating during examinations, dealing with queries raised by candidates and dealing with examination irregularities in accordance with strict procedures;
  • checking attendance during examinations;
  • recording details early leavers and collecting their scripts;
  • escorting candidates from the examination venue during the examinations as required, and supervising candidates whilst outside the examination venue;
  • collecting and collating scripts at the end of the examination in accordance with strict procedures;
  • assisting with the preparation of script envelopes;
  • supervising candidates leaving examination venues, ensuring that candidates do not remove equipment or stationery from the venue without authorisation and ensuring that candidates leave venues in an orderly and quiet manner.

Other duties: To assist the Examinations Team with other examination processes, such as:

  • packing of examination papers, stationery and equipment prior to the examinations and the delivery to and from venues as appropriate;
  • preparation of seating plans;
  • delivering scripts to departmental and school offices.

Please contact New Directions Education for more information on this job vacancy, on 0151 515 0822, or use our form below to enquire about this job vacancy.

Last modified: 14th January 2019

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