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Liverpool Office – Candidate Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

I was introduced to ND by a friend who had got a lot of work from you. Joining was a problem free process without the usual admin glitches found in many agencies. The staff are friendly and keep in touch to check your availability. In the last year I have got regular periods of fairly paid work. I hope to continue working for New Directions.

Liverpool, Secondary Teacher

Just wanted to let you know that the team teach training went really well. I was impressed that New Directions have their own trainers and seem to really look after their supply staff.

Lorna, Primary Teacher

I joined New Directions after a school placement recommended them to me.  They have given me a great opportunity to expand on my experience as an NQT and develop my skills in order gain a permanent role from September.  I cannot thank you enough for all you help and I doubt I would have secured the permanent role without the help of my account manager and the team.

Hayley, Primary Teacher

I would like to thank the team at New Directions Liverpool office for all their support they have provided since me starting with them back in May 2015.  They found me a long term placement within a few weeks of starting and I have been at the same school since then.  They girls are very friendly and often call to ask how I am getting on at school.  Would I recommend New Directions Education?  Yes definitely.

Chris, Teaching Assistant

Since the minute I met my Account Manager I knew I had made the right decision in registering with New Directions. The team are extremely professional and have found me work within schools where I am requested back for work. They understand and listen to what I want and always make me feel supported. I would recommend registering with New Directions if you are looking for work within the Education sector, you will receive 100% support and feel part of the New Directions team.

Anthony, Primary Teacher

I joined New Directions in March after them being recommended by a friend.  I have found the team very helpful and have a great working relationship with them. They have found me placements near to my home address which is great as working with other agencies previously I could be sent to schools upto 90 minutes away. The girls understand my family needs and always do their best to support me with placements. I would highly recommend signing up with New Directions if you are looking for work in Schools.

Greg, Primary Teacher

I joined New Directions after moving over from my home country.  I am a qualified Teacher but decided to sign up as a classroom assistant to gain experience within the UK before taking up a teaching role. I would like to thank the team for their support as I now feel I have the experience within UK schools to make the move into Teaching and I am looking forward to continuing with New Directions in September as a Teacher.  Thanks again team Liverpool for all your support this last year.

Maria, Classroom Assistant, Liverpool

I have worked with New Directions for a year and I am so pleased with the support the team have given me.  They found me a long term placement which I have been lucky enough to gain a permanent post from.  I couldnt have done this without the girls in the office and I appreciate everything they have done for me.  I always recommend New Directions to anyone looking to work within Education and I will continue to do this.

Jennifer, Classroom Assistant

I have worked with New Directions since September 2015 and feel supported by all the Liverpool team.  I gained a long term role within weeks of joining and throughly enjoyed every minute of it.  I have a friend who is moving over from America and put her in touch with the Liverpool office as I know they will fully support her in making the move and I feel they are a great team. I look forward to see what September brings with you.

Marta, Teacher, Liverpool

I joined New Directions in August 2015 after deciding to leave a permanent post as a secondary Teacher to pursue a career teaching within Primary Schools.  The team have supported me in making this transition and placed me within several of their Primary Schools allowing me to gain experience within different Key Stages.  I have worked both day to day and also gained a long term placement covering PPA.  I would like to thank the Liverpool team for their support and I look forward to continuting work with New Directions in September.

Carla, Teacher, Liverpool

I started working with New Directions last November and I would continue to do so if it wasn’t for the perfect reason to leave, New Directions helped me find a direct placement with a school!.

Since day one the Liverpool team have been nothing but really supportive, their work is impeccable and they will go to extra mile to ensure you are happy and you find the right place for you.

Since I started last year, I was never out of work, and they liaise with a range of primary and secondary schools, covering positions for teachers, TAs and cover supervisors. After being in different placements, they helped me find a position as a teacher in a school for a long cover and after a few months there, I’m going to be employed directly by the school covering a maternity leave.

5 stars for New Directions Education Liverpool and thanks a lot for your help.

Tony, Teacher, Liverpool

The girls at New Directions have been incredible, they are efficient, well organised and friendly. Since working for ND, they have been very professional and very helpful. They have certainly helped me to settle into my current career choice, finding work that is suitable for me and have really helped raise my confidence since I started. ND is the first and only agency I registered for, and I am  extremely impressed by the professionalism of this agency. Lovely girls, and a lovely agency to work for. I would highly recommend to anyone who are considering going into the teaching sector.

Thank you

Chelsea, Teaching Assistant

I first joined New Directions in 2015 and to be honest my expectations of finding employment in schools was very low, factors being my age and experience, however after my DBS was completed I began working almost straight away in a local primary school in reception class, my job was to look after a young boy who had difficulties in his behaviour, this was the best job ever and it lifted my confidence so much. Since then I have worked in other schools and I am currently working in a local High School where I am doing supervisor cover work, it has been the most challenging job I have ever done and I never thought I would ever be able to achieve such a responsible role, but thanks to New Directions I have and I am loving every minute of it. Working for New Directions has been for me the best thing I have ever done regarding my career options.


Lawrence – Cover Supervisor

I have been with New Directions for a year and am 100% satisfied with the service provided. I have had a ‘permanent placement’ for almost a full academic year. The Liverpool team have provided professional support but more so personal/emotional support. They go above and beyond to provide  that special personal touch, because they actually care and you feel part of ‘their family’. They are a fantastic team that create a ‘family unit’ that is extended to others. Their personal touch is outstanding. 



Roberta – Teaching Assistant

I applied through New Directions after finishing my degree just to see if I could get any work and experience before starting my teacher training in September. The staff got in contact straight away and within 2 weeks I was set up and in my first school. Since then I have had work every day (which is more than I was expecting). The staff are very supportive and the process was quick and easy to sort out.


Lucy, Teaching Assistant

During my time working with New Directions I have been impressed with all of my Account Managers.  They have always put me forward for positions within my specialism and secured me a long term at a nursery which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I have a friend who is moving to Liverpool from Spain and I’ve recommended her choosing New Directions to work as  I consider it as outstanding agency.

Marta, Primary Teacher

I heard about New Directions from another teacher, a friend of mine who works for ND, she provided me with the telephone 

number and so I called. From that moment everything was really easy, Laura was really friendly and helpful,

and she told me everything I needed to know about working as a supply teacher (first time supply teacher here).

Not only that, there was a problem with one of my references and she went out of her way to try and help me and make things smooth so I could start working.


Since I have been with New Directions I had the chance to meet a few other people from The Liverpool branch, and I must

say that everyone’s really polite, friendly and they’re always on top of everything to make your life easier.

Another employee, Kerry, put me in contact with a Special Needs school (also a first time), and she made sure

that I was very well informed and took care of all the details in my new placement.


In general, I have been working at least 4 days per week since I started with New Directions, so all I have to say about 

this company are good things.


If I had to sum up ND in 3 words, they’d probably be Helpful, Proffesional, and competent.



Antonio – Primary Teacher

From the quick, easy and efficient registration process to the warm, friendly and professional service I have found working for New Directions to be well organised and of mutual interest. I have really enjoyed my time at the schools I have been placed at and regularly receive work. I have also been able to uptake continued professional development as New Directions have provided relevant training in order for me to better my skills. I would not hesitate to recommend New Directions.

Billie, Primary Teacher

Since working for New Directions I have built a great relationship with all the girls, they always work with me when it comes to my needs as far as my family, ensuring I can work around childcare and finding me long term part time roles to suit my family life. I have previously worked with other agencies in the past and nothing compares to New Directions as far as communication and feedback goes, I would highly recommend  this company.

Rachel, Teaching Assistant

I have been registered with several agencies in the last few years and hardly got any work, just the odd day here and there. Since I registered with New Directions I started at a long term placement almost straight away.

If I have a query or need help with anything my consultant Kerry is always happy to help and I am always greeted in a friendly and positive manner.


Joanne -Teaching Assistant, Liverpool

After moving to Liverpool from Ireland I joined New Directions and with the help of the girls in the office I got my references, DBS and CV up to date. Pretty soon after all this was sorted out I was placed in schools for work. I gained experience in primary, secondary and ALN schools. As I am going on to complete a PGCE in Mathematics in September all of this experience will be of benefit to me. After time I was getting work in two or three different schools which was good as I was able to get known by staff and students and it provided continuity for both students and staff. I was always able to get in contact with the office via phone or by email and the online portal was great for checking bookings and payslips each week. The girls kept in contact after days work in new school and placed me in schools like these going forward.


Ann-Marie, Teaching Assistant, Liverpool

I heard about New Directions from a supply teacher when I was on my first fixed term contract at a primary school in Ceredigion, West Wales.  The registration process was straight forward and simple. I emailed my first agent and went for an interview the following week. My time with New Directions has been great and very successful since moving to Liverpool. The team have helped me find work by keeping me updated on the phone about schools who would like me to work for them. I now have many local schools who request me and am currently working at a school on a long-term assignment. I have often been put forward for roles at schools on account of how pleased ND are with my work and to me New Directions are Reliable, flexible and interactive.

Kieren, Teaching Assistant, Liverpool

I heard about New Directions from someone who was registered with you and recommended me to do likewise.

It was easy to register.

My experience with New Directions has been good and completely down to my account manager, Emma.

Emma was very proactive in finding me work which resulted in a 7 month placement at Holy Family.

Anita, Secondary Teacher, Liverpool

Thank you to all the girls at the office, I could not have been as successful without you all; I appreciate all the hard work you have done for me all year round, your understanding and always looking out for me. It has been a fantastic year and I was able to get out what I needed from it; I can now only hope I will become a successful fully qualified teacher. Once again I cannot thank you all enough.

Joe, Cover Supervisor, Liverpool

I heard about New Directions Education through Guardian job search. The registration process was a bit time-consuming, but that is to be expected seeing as I am coming all the way from Norway. You have done a great job assisting me through the whole process. New Directions found me work immediately after I became an active cover teacher, so I am more than happy with you. Just the fact that you helped me come over from Norway and get me work here in England is outstanding.

I can sum up New Directions Education with the words; efficient, helpful and resourceful.

Leana, Cover Supervisor, Liverpool

  • How did you hear about New Directions?

Through a google search online

  • Was it easy to register?

Yes, people were very welcoming and helpful.

  • How have you found your experience with New Directions? How did we help you find work?

There is some small work that is out of my specialty field, I hope to continue to learn but I also hope to take my career in the right direction, to do art or humanities.

  • Is there anything outstanding your account manager did?

Laura helped me get my application through and helps me get into work even if its not my specialty as she understands how much I need to work.

  • Sum up New Directions in 3 words…

Helpful, understanding and excellent comunicators

Sara, Teacher, Liverpool

I first heard about New Directions online when looking for work as a supply teacher.

Registration was easy because the staff were very helpful and efficient.

New Directions were quick to find work for me in suitable schools.

The Company also provides good CPD which is helpful in the workplace.

I have had sufficient placements and my account manager is sensitive to my needs and aware of my particular talents in finding placements for me.

In three words New Directions continues to be:




Jean, Teaching Assistant, Liverpool

I found new directions by applying for a job online and when I called and asked details they were very helpful kind and willing to get me work . I was registered within a week had no problems they always kept me informed what was going on. Since February when registered they have called me every week about a job. They are all happy easy to talk to and really helpful. I would definitely recommend new directions.

Mia, Teaching Assistant, Liverpool

I found about new Directions from

It was easy to register and we worked out a day around my life to meet with them.

My experience with them has been amazing, couldn’t ask for a better agency, they help me find work. The communication I have between kerry and Laura are great, they call all the time to see how I’m doing and tell me about my feedback.

3 word’s genuine, helping motivating.

Leah, Teaching Assistant, Liverpool

I approached New Direction Education to help me find a leadership/teaching position so that I could return to my home city of Liverpool after over 15 years living and working abroad and settle permanently.  Their supportive and friendly approach instantly put me at ease and made me feel confident that I would find the next perfect stage in my career.  Not only was I returning to a job market I had been away from for some time but was also attempting to do it while working in a school 215 miles away in Wiltshire. Efficient, well organised and on the ball, I never had to wait long to get an email from Laura answering a specific query or question and each time I spoke to the office I was greeted with warmth and professionalism.

With the support and advice of Alison who offered her professional knowledge and experience without question,  I have a letter of application that is relevant, well-structured and contains details of my experience that I am confident will support my future applications,  It is a document I am proud of .

Thanks to everyone at New Directions Education, the decision to leave a secure successful job is always a little terrifying especially when you are not sure what’s coming next, but your professionalism and warm approach has definitely made things a lot less stressful.

Victoria, Teacher, Liverpool

Excellent. Contacted on a daily basis. Very reliable. Informative and supportive. Laura has been excellent in providing information and support from the moment I started working for New Directions. She has been very helpful and along with her colleagues has found me an interesting variety of work which I have enjoyed.

Highlight of working with New Directions: Working in a number of different schools. Range of work has been interesting. Working on the GPS has given me a degree of financial security and allowed me to plan my expenditure accordingly. I hope I can work on the GPS in 2015.

Would recommend New Directions? : Yes

Chris, Primary Teacher, Liverpool

My relationship with my point of contact has been brilliant. I feel like I can call Laura with any concerns or queries, she has been reliable and very helpful.

Highlight of working with New Directions: Getting my long term position.

Would recommend New Directions? : Yes

Samantha, Primary Teacher, Liverpool

I signed up with New Directions after they were recommended to me by a teacher friend who was very happy with the service that they had offered her. I enjoy working as a supply teacher for New Directions as they provide with me regular and suitable work, near to my home. My recruitment consultant is friendly, supportive and helpful. She always gives me a clear brief of the class I will be teaching and takes the time to follow up each placement with a phone call to find out how I found the school and to provide me with relevant feedback too. New Directions system of electronic time sheets is much easier and more straightforward than the paper version that many agencies use. I am also looking forward to attending an autism awareness course which New Directions have arranged in my half term holidays.

Cat, Supply Staff

Since joining New Directions, I have always had the same Account Manager. She is always very polite and helpful and is very keen to find work for me. She also ensures that any positive feedback she gets from the school about me is passed on to me and that is always very encouraging, especially as I am an NQT. She is enthusiastic when offering work but does not mind if it is turned down for one reason or another. Additionally, I wouldn’t hesitate to speak to my Account Manager if I had a problem with a placement as I know she would be very supportive.

Tanya, NQT

Over the two years I have been with New Directions I have greatly appreciated their high level of service. They have been professional, efficient and reliable with all my placements, and the staff are always helpful and obliging when dealing with any queries put to them.

Maria, Supply Staff

I am delighted to work for New Directions and have no hesitation in recommending it to others – as I frequently do! The company is professional, efficient and reliable. Above all, they treat me as an individual with a personal friendly working relationship. New Directions is the only agency I work for – I don’t need to look elsewhere.

Gill, Supply Staff

Since being made redundant from a school I taught in for over 24 years, I decided to try out some supply work. New Directions were recommended to me by a colleague and they made all aspects of getting into this type of work completely easy and stress free. In particular my Account Manager was very approachable and was always willing to go that extra mile to help out if needs be.

T Lynch

New Directions offer a friendly yet professional service that supports supply teachers effectively. Two way contact allows both New Directions and it’s employees to develop a positive working relationship. New Directions staff are considerate, understanding and always available for help and advice.

Phil, Supply Staff

I’ve worked for new directions in liverpool on and off over past three years, as cover and supply. Its a really good company to work for, they make it fun to work. Over the time I’ve been with them they have always done their best to find me work, aslong as you are ready to work, you will get work. If you can’t work a certain day then that’s no problem. It’s a fair and loyal company and they always do their best!


When I started supply work I was advised to register with several different agencies but New Directions have by far been the best, providing me with the opportunity to work regularly and in a variety of different schools. They provide a consistently good service and competitive rates of pay. My Account Manager is fantastic and has worked hard to provide regular work to suit my needs in my own specialist subject areas whenever possible, and in the locations I prefer to work in. The rest of the team have also been great, working together to ensure I am aware of all opportunities that they think I may be interested in so I never miss out.

Laura, Supply Teacher

Having come to new directions as an NQT, the consistent and personalised support that has been provided by my Account Manager has been invaluable. Time is always taken to discuss any aspect of my work in a friendly and professional manner.

Shelley, NQT

Shelley, NQT

I have worked for many agencies but New Directions and my Account Manager in particular, have been the most consistently efficient and thorough in professionalism. The friendly approach coupled with attention to detail would lead me to recommend New Directions to any teacher looking to work in this area. In fact I have – my Account Manager’s knowledge and capacity to problem solve is exceptional. A ‘spot on chap’ and long may the working relationship continue.

Stuart, Supply Teacher

I joined New Directions in April 2012 as a Cover Supervisor for secondary schools. I’ve worked for 12 years as a Learning Mentor and, as these posts started to disappear, I decided upon a change of direction: whole-class work instead of one-to-ones. My Account Manager and the team at ND Liverpool could not have been more helpful in signing me up and guiding me through what was expected of me.

I have had constant, regular work from the agency and gained mountains of experience in a wide variety of secondary schools. If I’m being honest, I started off with three agencies but dropped the other two as I had such regular work from ND – and virtually none from the others.

The confidence this work gave me enabled me to apply for, and secure a post as a Personal Tutor and Lecturer at Liverpool Community College for four days a week.

I enjoy the Cover Supervisor work so much, I still do Thursdays in schools for New Directions. It’s the variety – I run five one-hour sessions each day on any subject on the National Curriculum, with the staff of the school’s subject department setting the work for me to deliver and then marking or assessing it afterwards. I just have to be with the class and help them along with it. Discipline is rarely a problem and the schools are all really supportive.

If you’ve never tried it before, have a go – I could not imagine a better agency to start your journey with.

I suppose schools might wonder about Cover Supervisors’ role. I think we bring a fresh set of eyes to the pupils’ needs and provide a really valuable service when staff are suddenly unavailable for some reason. I chat to other supply staff and I’d love to say that their experiences with other agencies were as brilliant as mine with ND, they never are.

I could not speak more highly of New Directions Liverpool – to schools or to prospective staff.

Phil, Supply Staff

New Directions has been a fantastic teaching agency to work for, at a time when I needed it most! All the staff have been friendly and professional, helping me with any queries I had regarding work. My Account Manager has been approachable, honest and reliable when giving me work in different schools. He has excelled in finding me work in the area that I live so travelling has not been an issue. I am very happy having New Directions as my choice of supply agency.

Marc, Supply Teacher

I have been working for New Directions for a year after teaching overseas for 11 years. I sent my CV to a number of agencies and New Directions were the quickest at getting me registered and into work. Their Account Manager’s are hard working and efficient, and always helpful and friendly.

Supply Teacher

I would unreservedly recommend the New Directions service. I have always experienced regular work, a professional attitude and “service with a smile”.


New Directions offer a friendly yet professional service that supports supply teachers effectively. Two way contact allows both New Directions and it’s employees to develop a positive working relationship. New Directions staff are considerate, understanding and always available for help and advice.

Phil, Supply Teacher

I first met my Account Manager about two years ago when I enrolled with New Directions, and we have since built up a fantastic working relationship. She has a wonderful, bubbly personality, and is always prepared to go the extra mile. I find her very professional and hardworking, yet very approachable and easy to talk to.

My Account Manager has never failed to find me a placement (I am currently on a long term assignment – 18 months and still going strong!!) Every placement has been suited to my qualifications and within an easily commutable distance.

I have regular contact with my Account Manager. She gives me feedback from employers when I am on assignment, and always ensures that everything is running smoothly. She is also in regular contact with employers to ensure that they are happy with the service they are receiving.

In all, I find my Account Manager to be a great person, who is very conscientious, and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend her to others, she is brilliant!

Lynette, Supply Teacher

My Account Manager is friendly, helpful and supportive but above all, she is totally professional. She works hard to find work for me and I work hard wherever I go so together we get repeat work requests. I believe we have built up an excellent working relationship so I can give her frank feedback about my assignments and rely on her to be proactive and discreet. Recently I have been working in a school that uses New Directions supply staff regularly and, coincidentally, I have known many of the staff on supply from New Directions. All have my Account Manager as their consultant and we all agree she is fantastic.

Paula, Supply Staff

I joined New Directions two years ago and have found them to be very professional at all times. At my interview I was put at ease and made to feel very welcome, especially from my consultant. She is very friendly, and understands your wants and need. She sorts out my work and tailors the jobs to suit my expertise and experience. My Account Manager has made me feel like part of the New Directions family and I wouldn’t want it any other way, nothing is to much trouble for her.

Marg, Supply Staff