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Extinct Animals, How Much Do You know?

1. True or False? In 1914, the last passenger pigeon died in captivity at Cincinnati Zoo. 2. Which two reasons make grey squirrels dangerous to endangered red squirrels? a) They attack them and eat them b) They eat the acorns first and carry a disease that kills them 3 True or False? A dire wolf’s powerful bite-force could crush a skull. 4. What is the name of this endangered creature? a) Pademelon b) Pangolin c) Peccary d) Potoroo 5. True or False? The Irish elk was the biggest deer in the world. 6. What is the name of the world’s last surviving male northern white […]

Safer Internet Day 2018 – A Guide from New Directions Education #SID208

Introduction – Howard Burge, National Director, New Directions Education - Safer Internet Day I have had the privilege of working in close partnership with schools and colleges across England and Wales for over 15 years. In that time the technological advances that have revolutionised how we communicate have been, quite simply incredible. On the most part, the freedom offered of information exchange digitally has been a positive experience. However, we also must acknowledge that with the evolution of such platforms comes great responsibility to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Personally, […]

Work Experience – the good tips guide

Group of young people

Work experience is almost every young persons rite of passage in the UK. It's an opportunity for students to essentially 'try-before-you-buy' and add a little experience to their CV in an ever changing competitive employment landscape. In this article we offer some top tips for people embarking upon work experience. We will explore how to get the most out of time spent gaining knowledge and understanding of different employers. #1 You never get the chance to make a second first impression... Do your research, before you attend your work experience find out more about the business you are […]

Swimming as a Life Skill in Schools

Individual swimming in pool

Swimming is often described as a ‘life skill’. Swimming and water safety is currently included within the national curriculum (in England), with the objective being that all children should be able to leave primary school with the ability to swim and how to stay safe in the water. Source: Swim England. Swim England also reports that 31% of year 6 pupils leave primary school without the minimum swimming ability and water safety skills. In Wales Swim Wales has the commitment of all 22 local authorities for the ‘Every Child a Swimmer’ initiative. Swimming is also a part of the curriculum […]

Where will your next story take you….

Today New Directions Educations is celebrating the 206th birthday of Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens was one of the greatest literary artists of the 19thcentury and is still beloved today by many. Charles Dickens was born Charles John Huffam Dickens on February 7th 1812, in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England. At just 12 years old Charles’s dad was sent to prison for unpaid debts and Charles was sent to work in a boot-blacking factory. Charles worked here until his father came into some inheritance and was able to pay off his debts and Charles was able to go back to school. However […]

Back to School – a blog about sleeping Zzzzz

Image of excited child back to school

With January behind us, we are well on the way to getting 2018 in to some sort of routine. The chaos of Christmas and the festivities are but a distant memory as we hurtle to the first half term of the calendar year. But how adjusted are you and the children you know in dealing with the everyday reality of normality once more? We read an interesting article recently on the BBC website that talked about 13 weird ways to get your children sleeping better. Sean Coughlan, Education Correspondent for the team reports that this time of the year is when Google (other search engines are available) receives […]

Romilly Primary School Lifts 2018 Football Cup

Picture of Winners of Cup

The Annual Cardiff City Community Foundation and New Directions Education Football Tournament finished yesterday in a nail biting final. 153 teams played over a total of five days throughout December and January. Romilly Primary School and George Street fought in the final match. It was a very close game with both teams playing tremendously well, however, George Street were just pipped to the post by Romilly Primary, in a final score of 1-0. Dawn Dobbs from Romily Primary says: “We have taken part in this tournament since it began in 1999. We first won back in 2012, and entered two teams […]

Community Spirit is High with The Croeserw Primary School Christmas Concert

One of our Account Managers for Primary Education, Anna Powell, recently had the pleasure of being invited to attend Croeserw Primary School’s Annual Christmas Concert. Croeserw Primary is located in the village of Croeserw in the county of Port Talbot, standing on top of a hillside in the Afan Valley, with splendid views across the rolling countryside. Croeserw’s School concert was entitled “Somewhere In My Memory”. This heart-warming production involved the whole school taking part and no concert is complete without a rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas”. There […]

Finding your passion: Are you taking care of your mental wellbeing?

New Directions has always prided itself on its employment of diverse candidates. Our candidates come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, with a wide variety of interests and extracurricular hobbies. We are always intrigued to find out what our candidates are passionate about outside of the classroom. In the past we have had candidate’s interests range from wrestling, baking and now one of our latest finds is enthusiastic in her Equestrian pursuits. One of New Directions’ sought-after candidates Rhi Lee-Jones, who is currently an English Teacher at Cowbridge Comprehensive School, […]

Couch to Half Marathon in 70 days

Two of New Directions’ brave employees, Emily Tune and Sophie Panagopoulos, are taking on the London Landmarks Half Marathon on 25th March 2018 in support of their friend who is running the Full London Marathon. The London Landmarks Half Marathon is a brand new, closed road, central London run. It is the only half marathon to go through both the City of London and City of Westminster. 10,000 runners will start on Pall Mall, finish by Downing Street and have fabulous views of London’s most iconic landmarks including Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Nelson’s Column, the Gherkin, the Shard, […]