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Overall satisfaction with our service

Please rate the service you have received from New Directions Education and indicate the importance of each factor to your organisation.

1. Understanding and matching your job specification to your school. How well did we match the temporary worker to the job?

2. Understanding and matching to your school/college. How well did our temporaries fit in with your own staff?

3. Availability of staff. Did we have a suitable pool of temporary staff ready at all times?

4. Speed of delivery. Did we deliver quickly enough?

5. Keeping you informed? How well did we communicate the progress of your bookings?

6. Responsiveness to problems. Did we rectify problems quickly and satisfactorily?

Temporary staff quality rating

Please rate the overall quality of the temporary staff you have received from New Directions Education against the key heading below and indicate their relative importance to you.

7. Overall competence of temporary workers (Ability, Common Sense, Adaptability, Initiative)

8. Overall reliability of temporary workers (Timekeeping, Continuity, Trustworthiness)

9. Overall productivity of temporary workers (Speed of work, Accuracy of work)

10. Overall presentation of temporary workers (Appearance, Personal Organisation)

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