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Clara, Primary Teacher

    New Directions have been fantastic to work for from the start they have been very supportive and very easy to communicate with. I am able to discuss any queries with them that I have had and have been in frequent contact with them.The highlight is being provided with free training courses to help professional development not all agencies do this and I think it is a really nice service that New Directions supply.Chloe has been very friendly and easy to get on with she is always available to help with any queries. 

    Lakeside Primary School

      Chloe Evans always does her best to accommodate our requests however unreasonable they may be. She always seems to be available no matter what time of day we call and will always go the extra mile to try to find the perfect fit for us. She is always cheerful even when very busy. We are able to rely on Chloe to provide us with high standard, suitable relief staff. Keep doing what you are doing!

      Brandon Primary Teacher Torfaen

        Matt has had a positive impact on my teaching experiences. Instead of treating me like a number on the ND books he treats me as an individual human being. By saying this I mean he regularly checks up on me to see how I am and always fits the work around me. He is very reliable and ensures that I get regular teaching practice.I would just like to say a massive thanks to each person who is part of the ND team. They have been amazing with getting to know me as a person and getting me regular work across a range of schools.Thanks to this great organisation, I have been given the opportunity […]

        John, Primary Teacher

          I couldn't hope for anybody better to work with than Chloe. She always keeps me up to date with what's happening and why it's happening. I never have to worry about any part of working for New Directions and we regularly catch up with each other on what is happening. Chloe makes working with New Directions a pleasure.I love it when I'm not expecting to get work - either because of the time of the year or because of weather conditions - but you get me bookings anyway. Those are definitely highlights.I would recommend New Directions.Keep doing what you're doing in the way that you're […]

          Deborah, Primary Teacher

            Chloe has been an excellent account manager. She is very professional, friendly, helpful and approachable. She has been very understanding and accommodating about my variable availability and circumstances over the year.Chloe maintains regular contact and I have found her to be very reliable.The increasing range and availability of CPD courses is a new highlight. I haven't been able to take advantage of them this year but it is good to see that side of supply being given more attention. 

            Jayne, Primary Teacher

              Chloe has always been quick to reply to any query, flexible with my ever changing weekly timetable and understanding when my home life dictates when I am available.I love working at the school where I've been for four years. Prior to that I liked the fact that I was never pressured if I was unable to work.I would recommend New Directions.

              Bryony, Primary Teacher

                Chloe is always happy to help, and has gotten me work always and long term contracts as I wished. Chloe is really friendly, reliable and easily contactable.My highlight has been how easy it is to get through to Chloe and how helpful she is. I have always had work. All the staff on the teaching line that I have spoken to have always been friendly and very helpful.Chloe would 100% get a 10/10 from me! 

                Dieter, Primary Teacher

                  Chloe is very easy to work with. Always professional and courteous, always happy to answer any questions I might have.  I asked for some long term placements in schools and was given that opportunity.I would recommend New Directions to anyone.

                  Ralph Testimonial, Further Education

                    I have been working with New Directions for over five years and I only have great things to say about Becky. I have found she goes above and beyond for every individual she helps and works with. The highlight of working with New Directions is that they have found me some of the best places to teach. I can only speak so highly and praise all staff in the Cardiff office, they always do their very best for all the candidates requirements.

                    Jo, Primary Teacher, Cardiff

                      The very first point of contact was assuring and friendly. This has continued throughout my time with New Directions. The relationship is friendly, helpful, professional and transparent. I was able to have an open conversation with each member of ND I spoke with. If there was a school I enjoyed I was able to convey this easily. The same was true of an experience was less than satisfactory.I initially worried I wouldn't have enough work but the phone didn't stop ringing! It was fantastic.The staff and bookings have helped me regain my confidence in teaching. Being able to pick and choose […]