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Testimonials - Candidate

Account Manager Name: Chloe E

Candidate Length of time working with New Directions: 3-5 years

Description of relationship with New Directions point of contact: New Directions worked hard to try and give me consistent work at schools I enjoyed going to. My account manager stayed in touch frequently and I had steady work overall.

Highlight of working with New Directions: My account manager understood that I needed work in advance as I use public transport and made an effort to keep work local and at schools I enjoyed.

Would recommend New Directions? : Yes

Mark, Primary Teacher – Cardiff

Chloe was absolutely fantastic throughout my time at new directions. I never would have survived supply teaching if it wasn’t for Chloe. Chloe ensured she was always checking in to make sure everything was going well with placements. She was reliable and always there to answer any queries. Chloe made me feel comfortable and confident going around the different schools. I was always offered work within a reliable amount of time which was convenient for both myself and the school. Chloe worked her best to send me to schools I had already been to so I could build relationships with staff and school. I was given regular feedback after Chloe had contacted the school to review the day. Chloe supported me throughout my time with the company leading to me getting my current maternity position. If nothing comes at the end of this position I will be returning to new directions as Chloe provided such fantastic support.

Highlight of working with New Directions: The excellent service provided by staff, ensuring they were always polite and helpful when support was needed. Also the amount of work provided, as an NQT this supported my induction hours massively and gave me a wide range of experience.

Would recommend New Directions? : Yes

Newly Qualified Primary Teacher – Rhondda Cynon Taf

I would recommend working with New Directions.

There was always plenty of work available and it was great that work was also close to home. Communication was always pleasant, reliable and clear and anytime I rang or emailed the reply was always quick.

The were always really professional, I felt that if there was a school I did not go back to it was handled really well. Even though I was a NQT, I never felt out of my depth or overwhelmed.

I enjoyed the wide range of classes and key stages that I was able to go to. They made being a supply teacher enjoyable and not daunting.

Everybody was always really kind and understanding, especially when I had to ring in sick on a few occasions.

Gemma was always really helpful and approachable plus great in finding good schools to go in and go back to for long periods of supply. The team were really great, I enjoyed working with Gemma, who really made the experience worthwhile.

Elisabeth, Primary Teacher in Caerphilly

I have been employed with New Directions for the past Year, they have been fantastic!
New Directions have been incredibly reliable, efficient and always find work for me. They have been very polite and supportive, I am very happy to be an employee. I would highly recommend New directions, they are the best agency I have worked for. The reliability, pay and dedicated Account Manager have been great. It is a bonus of being paid weekly and knowing that I will have work when I need it.

Laura, Secondary Team Candidate, Cardiff

Returning to New Directions Education following a period of contracted employment was a process that was made to seem effortless by my new account manager, Stuart Williams. Having dealt with New Directions before, I knew that it would be the best place for me to make the return to supply work. Stuart has placed me in roles that are ideally suited to my skills and all my expectations have been met, in terms of regularity of work and possibility of long-term placements. Stuart’s style of communication is consistently positive and he responds to queries with a can-do attitude. Having Stuart as my account manager has ensured that I have full confidence in New Directions providing me with consistent bookings, while demonstrating high-quality professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend New Directions and Stuart Williams to anyone for all their education supply work needs.

Joanna – Learning Support Assistant – Carmarthenshire

I was introduced to ND by a friend who had got a lot of work from you. Joining was a problem free process without the usual admin glitches found in many agencies. The staff are friendly and keep in touch to check your availability. In the last year I have got regular periods of fairly paid work. I hope to continue working for New Directions.

Liverpool, Secondary Teacher

As an NQT it can be difficult to find yourself a full time position or even get supply from-time-to time. But fortunately for myself I found New Directions Supply. Luckily for myself within a week of signing with the company I found myself beginning my journey as a Supply teacher.

Within a matter of weeks I found that I had made plenty of connections with a wide variety of schools who luckily for myself kept asking myself to go back and do supply in their schools. Because I had these strong connections and impressed while at these schools I got recommended for a full time position after the first term. This would not have been possible if not for the support and commitment of New Directions.

My point of contact within the Swansea branch of New Directions was Kirsty. From the moment we met I felt at ease and comfortable. Confidence was evident that Kirsty believed that I would receive enough work and create these connections. She was correct.

I cannot emphasise enough how well New Directions helped me develop myself and I have already referred a few friends who have qualified or will be qualifying as teachers to go to New Directions

Luke, Welsh Medium Teacher , Neath Port Talbot

My Account Manager, has been brilliant. He is always positive, is open to get feedback and offer support and makes every effort to find work which suits my needs and is very organised (confirming placements, contact details immediately after phone calls) My highlight of working with New Directions as a teacher is when I see children having fun learning.

James, Primary Teacher from Monmouth

The agency has been a great support throughout my first 2 years of qualifying as a teacher, I have gained confidence and have experienced the best teaching practices I could possibly imagine through the help of new directions, I am so happy that I decided to join your agency through recommendations and I stuck with you and only your agency for the 2 years until I found myself a permanent position.

I will be forever grateful that I had the experience of working alongside my account manager as she is very professional and her work ethic is phenomenal. My account manager was always there as a helping hand and I felt completely at ease to reach out to her if I ever needed any support.

I am very grateful to you as an agency for all the work you have provided, and also this new experience of a permanent position.

Thank you

Ffion, Welsh Medium Primary Teacher, Carmarthenshire

I have been with New Directions past two years now and I have nothing but praise for the company. This year has been as good as the year before that for me. The staff are always friendly and very professional, especially my Account Manager, who is always prompt in getting back to me whenever need be. I have had a variety of work opportunities from New Directions this year, and it has suited perfectly well around my university and personal life commitments. I never cease to recommend New Directions to my family and friends, and feel proud to be affiliated with the company. I want to congratulate New Directions for the fabulous job they have been doing and want to wish them all the very best for the years to come.


Level 3 Teaching Assistant


Elizabeth, Level 3 Teaching Assistant, Cardiff