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Testimonials - Candidate

The very first point of contact was assuring and friendly. This has continued throughout my time with New Directions. The relationship is friendly, helpful, professional and transparent. I was able to have an open conversation with each member of ND I spoke with. If there was a school I enjoyed I was able to convey this easily. The same was true of an experience was less than satisfactory.

I initially worried I wouldn’t have enough work but the phone didn’t stop ringing! It was fantastic.

The staff and bookings have helped me regain my confidence in teaching. Being able to pick and choose the school I worked with enabled me to develop a trust back into the structure and workings of teaching, teachers and the school environment.

Without New Directions I would have left 18 years of teaching with negative memories toward the end. The staff helped me gain my confidence. I will always appreciative of that. It wasn’t just about the money or schools. It was more emotive.

Jo, Primary Teacher, Cardiff

Since finishing my PGCE in June I have worked for New Directions on supply. Prior to this they kept in touch, checking how my course was going and ensuring that I was able to start work the day after my course finished. I can’t praise them enough – the way they allocate you work is spot on, they are always there for you when you need them and they keep their promises.

The account managers are amazing, they are so friendly and really care about what you say. They are never too busy for a chat and are always there when you need them. Working for New Directions has been a really pleasurable experience.

Chloe and Gemma have both been amazing in keeping me up to date, finding me work and just being there if anything was wrong or I needed a chat!

Rob, Primary Teacher, Cardiff

I have worked with New Directions for the last few years. My account manager Nadine communicates frequently through text messages and phone calls. I am confident that I can contact Nadine if needed and will get a prompt reply.  I can be open and Nadine will try to deal with any issues efficiently and will always inform me of the outcome at the earliest opportunity.

I am informed of bookings in advance and communication is quick when this is not possible. I am always reliably informed of any changes to my bookings.  Nadine reliably and regularly communicates other opportunities in detail, for example informing me of opportunities for long term placements or training opportunities. She is always open to discuss further details of these opportunities.

Highlight of working with New Directions is that they have given me an opportunity to work at a range of schools across the Newport area. This in turn has helped develop my range and skills as a teacher. It has given me a greater knowledge of education provision in the local area and has helped me to build positive relationships with several schools that should be beneficial to my career.

I am very pleased with the amount of work offered and have been on the Guaranteed Pay Scheme for the previous two years. It has also been very helpful to be given work predominantly in the Newport area and I appreciate the efforts to do this and I would definitely recommend New Directions.

John, Newport Primary Teacher

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a teacher through New Directions this year. It has given me so many different opportunities across the primary phase and in a variety of schools in Newport and Torfaen. I would recommend New Directions to anyone who wants to work alongside all of the wonderful, friendly, helpful people within the office.

Ive been very fortunate to have Nadine as my account manager. Nadine is one of the friendliest people I know and has been amazing to work for. She is extremely helpful, always ringing for a chat and organising work for me and is very easy to get along and have a laugh with. Nadine works so hard to organise work through the GPS for me, ensuring I have work when I am available. I am so glad I’ve chosen to work for New Directions- as I have gained invaluable experience and a friend in Nadine.

Working at New Directions gave me the chance to work on a long term position at a Newport primary school. Following this, I was kept at the school for day to day cover and am fortunate to be working for the school part time for the next academic year. Without that opportunity, I wouldn’t have made so much progress for my NQT year, made so many friends or had the opportunity for a job for the next year.

Melissa, Newport Primary Teacher

Chloe is a brilliant member of the New Directions staff. She was brilliant and finding me longer term positions and was quick at booking up my weeks. Chloe was always good at answering any questions I needed answers and was always polite, approachable and kind.

Rebecca, Primary Teacher

I have worked with New Directions for the past two years as a primary supply teacher.

During this time, Annie has been my point of contact and her service has been exemplary. Her communication is fantastic, always replying to messages and calls quickly. She is extremely flexible, understanding the difficulties of arranging childcare around work. She has always tried to find me work in advance and local to my area which I greatly appreciate.

My sister also works for New Directions and Annie has been amazing at finding us both work locally on different days so we can share childcare.

We can’t thank Annie enough for all her work this academic year at finding us supply work.

Highlight of working with New Directions: Having worked for other supply agencies in the past, which have not been flexible arranging work around childcare. Working with Annie has been the highlight of working with New Directions.

I only work now as a supply teacher solely for New Directions because of the excellent work Annie does at finding me regular work, close to my home and around my childcare arrangements. Annie is a huge asset to your company.

Additional comments about New Directions:

Your online calendar is fantastic for arranging work around childcare.

Teacher Testimonial

I have been working for New Directions as a supply teacher for just under a year. My point of contact Gemma has been professional, courteous and friendly throughout my time working for New Directions. She has given me all of the work and support that I required and has provided me with effective and motivatinal feedback. We have been in contact regularly and she has been instrumental in my staying in supply teaching for the length of time I have. Gemma’s positive attitude and never ending enthusiasm has been a real highlight of working for the company.
The whole process of working for Gemma and with New Directions has been a positive one. Many thanks for the opportunities I have had to work for New Directions and for such great support from Gemma and others I have spoken to when contacting the office. I have recommended and will continue to recommend New Directions as an employer for supply teaching based on the experience I have had working with Gemma as my account manager.

Dale, Teacher in Caerphilly

From day one Carley has made me feel extremely comfortable and confident to work with a supply agency. Carley has gone above and beyond to accommodate any needs I may have had and was always on the end of the phone whenever I needed advice or support. Carley has made my first year as an NQT extremely rewarding and is the main reason I am where I am today, with a secure post lined up for September in a school I love working in. All the staff at new directions have been extremely friendly and reliable.

Highlight of working with New Directions: Working for New Directions has given me the opportunity to complete my NQT year in amazing schools across different boroughs. This has boosted my confidence and has given me the vital experience I needed for my first year as an NQT. I was placed in a school for a short term contract, which turned into a long term contract and now a secure job as a Reception teacher starting in September. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my account manager and the team at New Directions.
I would definitely recommend New Directions

Additional comments about New Directions:
I would like to thank everyone at New Directions for giving me the best possible start to my teaching career and would mainly like to thank my amazing account manager Carley Edwards who went above and beyond for me and is the real reason I have a secure job in September.

Jessica, Primary Teacher Blaenau Gwent

My main point of contact is my account manager Carley. She is always very approachable,understanding and keeps me up to date with everything I need to know.Carley always calls or texts to check that everything is going well when I have been working in schools.She has been excellent at placing me in schools where she knows I will be happy and fit in well.Carley is highly professional and reliable and I could not have asked for a better manager.
Highlight of working with New Directions: Communicating with the staff who are always very friendly and helpful.
Would recommend New Directions? : Yes

Deena Primary Teacher Blaenau Gwent

Carley is always wonderful to me, she communicates well and always finds me work on a daily basis which I am truly grateful for. If there are ever any queries she is reliable and sorts things out immediately.
Highlight of working with New Directions: Friendly and professional staff who are always happy to accommodate to your needs.
I would recommend working with New Directions.

It has been a pleasure to work with such kind, polite and friendly professional people.

Gemma Primary Teacher Aberdare