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I am a specialist Additional Learning Needs Teacher and I have worked for New Directions for almost 5 years. I feel I have an excellent relationship with my Account Manager, she maintains regular contact and is always friendly, providing as much information about placements as she is able. She understands my work requirements and always strives to find placements that best suit them. I have been able to discuss issues that have arisen with confidence knowing that she will endeavour to find the best solution. It is a pleasure to work with her.  I have always received an excellent service from all members of the Cardiff Additional Learning Needs Team and I have never had to chase an enquiry after I have made it. I have always been dealt with in a professional and friendly manner.

The highlight of working with New Directions for me is being offered appropriate positions by someone who understands the work I wish to do. I would recommend working with New Directions.

Paul, Additional Learning Needs Teacher, Powys

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for my Account Manager and I would also like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to her and all the other staff of New Directions.

My Account Manager establishes a rapport with her clients and candidates which is a great asset to have in that type of position. She is warm, welcoming and an enthusiastic person who always support her candidates. Her communication on phone is exceedingly well which boosts confidence in candidates and brings out best out of them at work place. She is accessible, listens patiently and gives good advice. I have joined New Direction in October 2016 and since then, I have never faced any issues or problems relating to my working hours or pay, because of the well-organised and well-managed team. It has been a lovely experience, working with my Account Manager and being a part of dedicated team.

I really appreciate my Account Manager’s help and trust that she has shown in my capabilities. I look forward to working more with such a dynamic person.


Bhavna, Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Faultless. Always had work available for when I was available. Easy to talk to and always passed over good feedback from the schools where you worked. I honestly couldn’t say anything negative about my point of contact. The experience gained working in school right across Cardiff in different age groups has been a highlight. This experience will be vital when I start my PGCE in September. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this agency and I’ll be very sad to leave when I start University in Septemeber. Who knows I may even get the chance to sign on again as a teacher next time after my PGCE. I would recomend New Directions.





Huw, Learning Suport Asssistant, Vale of Glamorgan

I have been with new directions for a year now and have been very happy with them. They always phone to ask if you are available rather than just sending out group texts and have a personal touch so you feel they know and understand you. I am really pleased with all the work i have had so far and hope to continue building relationships with schools.

Joanna, Level 3, Penarth

I have been working for New Directions for over one year now and I have always received great care and genuine support anytime I needed. For a person with English as a second language it is always a challenge to start working in educational settings. It is often the banter and the small talks which make it difficult to fit in during the first few months. With my Account Manager, whose friendly and encouraging voice was always there for me, I have never felt left out or not knowing what to do. I have managed to find a perfect school for myself and I still work there on long term contract, which is really great. I would recommend to everybody who is interested in working with children to come to New Directions Education and start a journey which you will never regret.


Kristyna, Teaching Assistant, Cardiff

My Account Manager is always very approachable and friendly as is everyone who I have had contact with. One of my first positions was at Holton Road Primary school in the Nursery, as a result I was offered full time work there and Holton Road agreed for me to work 9 – 3, which was great as I could take and pick up my own kids. I have limited child care so unless my husband is available then it is hard for me to accept work.  I would recommend New Directions.

Vicki, Learning Support Assistant, Barry

My Account Manager has been very good at placing me in the right environment, which has led to long term placements.

Very supportive when my daughter had an accident and keeping me informed of courses. I starting work straight away when I joined in January with a 5 week booking. I have worked every day since and I am booked till the end of the summer term.


I would recommend New Directions


Sarah, Learning Support Assistant, Penarth

I have an excellent relationship with my Account Manager and I know I can contact her whenever I need to speak to her for advice. If she is not available to speak, she will always come back to me as soon as she is available to do so and it is always within the same day. At the same time, she doesn’t bother me with unnecessary phone calls and will email or text me when appropriate. New Directions Education are so easy to work. There are never any unnecessary time wasting tasks to be done, most communication can be done via text or email and the staff there are always helpful. They are excellent to work for I would recommend them to anyone looking for jobs within the education sector.

Danielle, Level 3, Abercarn

My Account Manager is a very friendly and reliable contact. She has been approachable, supportive and frequent with her contact and always willing to help with any queries when they arise. An excellent and commendable person. I am very fortunate to have been offered a significant amount of work, adding variety to my experience. I have managed to work with a range of needs within a vast number of schools, which has improved my confidence in the long run. The highlight of working for New Directions has been the availability and flexibility of work that they offer. I really appreciate the support from all staff at New Directions. As this is my first official job in this sector I am deeply pleased with the amount of guidance I have received. I have been awarded with the pleasure of working with different teaching staff closely, with whom I hope to maintain relationships with in the future.

Zara, Level 4, Nelson

I receive weekly texts and phone calls from my Account Manager when necessary.  She is always friendly and efficient.  I had a change in my circumstances recently and my Account Manager offered lots of advice and options to me. She always wishes me a good weekend and is very friendly, but professional.The highlights of working for New Directions are; regular working opportunities when I want them and being able to take holidays when I want.

Denise, Level 3, Crosskeys