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I have been working for New Directions for over 2 years and my Account Manager Gemma has been an approachable and friendly point of contact. I felt I could approach her with any issues that I had. Gemma regularly contacted me for feedback about the schools I was asked to supply in and always made sure I was happy in the schools I was asked to cover.

New Directions always provided me with a good range of work. They always tried to take into consideration the travel distance and tried to fit the work around my preference of age range and preferred schools. I am grateful to Gemma and New Directions for providing me with long term supply which turned into a contract from the school. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for New Directions.

I would definitely recommend New Directions.

Primary Teacher, Amy, Cwmbran

It has been a pleasure working with Matthew at the Wirral Office. Through talking to Matthew, it is evident that he is a well-respected, hardworking professional, who will go out of his way to help me get work. And he does! On a regular basis which is great!

I have built up a good relationship with him and he fully understands what I am looking for in terms of work. I know that I can ring him at any point in the day and he will always listen to what I have to say and act upon it if necessary.

Matthew met all my work requirements and gets me teachers’ rate work within the local area. The schools I have worked in have always been of a good standard and I have enjoyed liaising with them.
Thankfully, Matthew managed to get me long term, supply work at a high, achieving school on the Wirral, which was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it there and would love to go back. He also helped me with my letter of application. Matt’s general day to day activities, emails, bookings etc. are always outstanding and I look forward to working with him in 2018.

If I was to sum Matt up, he is efficient, professional and reliable.

Miss L Jones, Secondary School Teacher, Wirral

I have worked with Chloe for most of my time at New Directions . She has always been very friendly, approachable and very professional and I have nothing but praise for the way that she has communicated with me throughout my time at the agency. She has always been there at the end of the phone – particularly on a Monday morning when I’ve forgotten to complete my time sheet (which was very often!!!! ). My highlight of working with New Directions is working with Chloe. Thank you Chloe for all your support again this year! You’ve certainly made things easier for me!!!

Kath – Primary Teacher, RCT

I joined New Directions as a NQT and was very apprehensive. My account manager Chloe soon put my mind at ease. She is very friendly and helpful if I have a problem I don’t hesitate to contact her. Working with New Directions has been so straightforward and I’ve really enjoyed my first year with them.

One highlight has been being able to go back to the same schools and building relationships with the staff and pupils at those schools. It’s helped make me feel part of a team even though I’m only there every now and again.

I have found the online training provided with New Directions very useful and it’s helped with my continuing professional development . I’ve also been able to complete my NQT year because of the quantity of work provided.

Primary School Teacher, RCT

I have been working for New Directions over five years and Chloe is my contact manager from last two to three years. She is polite, approachable and very helpful. She understands my requirements and tries to find suitable work for me. I don’t work for New Directions as much as my other agency but always get work when I’m looking for it. New Directions is a big agency and can provide work to cater individual needs.

Primary School Teacher, RCT

Excellent communication. Carley regularly contacts me and has given me a lot of work. Very friendly and professional. I have a good working relationship with Carley.
Highlight of working with New Directions is I have been given the opportunity to work at some lovely schools. I was lucky enough to work on a weekly basis at Caedraw Primary School for the last 16 months which was a privilege. I would recommend New Directions, I enjoy working for New Directions and am happy with all the opportunities they have given me.

Primary Teacher, Cardiff Team

Matt is a great account manager. He maintains regular contact with me and is always friendly, polite and chatty on the phone. He keeps me up dated with work and information regularly and tries to solve queries I have as quickly as possible. He takes interest in me as a person and has enabled me to have opportunities working in an ALN school though contact with another account manager and helped me to secure a long term supply position. When I have left messages for Matt both telephone and email he always response very promptly.
Highlight of working with New Directions: Being able to secure a long term supply contract with the help of New Directions and Matthew at Heolgerrig Primary School.

Emma – teacher from Merthyr Tydifil

The highlight of working with New Directions is the continuity and reliability.

My Account Manager is both reliable and proactive. She thinks ahead and is helpful. This is very important for continuity and for providing professional teaching customised to ND clients requests. During the year as a supply teacher one builds up a relationship of trust with some schools and their staff and Nadine understands that and books accordingly.


Iuliana, Primary Teacher Newport

I have been working with New Directions for a number of years. My Account Manager is a friendly and efficient point of contact for me. I managed to secure a long term supply contact early on in the academic year but Nadine continued to keep in touch and make sure all was well and I was happy with my role.

One of the highlights of working with New Directions is that they always supplied me with work when I wanted it and I never felt any pressure to work a whole week as I wanted to be a part time basis. That being said I didn’t feel I was at the end of the line for work as I always had a steady stream of work that was sufficient for my requirements.

I would highly recommend New Directions and quite simply thank you for helping me continue to teach.

Sarah, Newport Primary Teacher

I heard about New Directions whilst on supply with another agency. It was easy to register and I had a brilliant interview that boosted my confidence. Although the first few weeks from the start of the new school year are initially tough to find day to day work work whichever agency you use, I’ve then had plenty to keep me busy, especially SEN work in various settings. I’ve been really lucky to be in a placement since February and am even luckier to be back there from the start of this new term!! I’ve done a lot of online training with New Directions, something I’ve not been offered elsewhere and am really pleased that I’ve been able to do Team Teach and Paediatric First Aid, 2 courses that I’ve waited a long time for. My lovely consultant Jen is my saviour, she listens to me witter on when I’ve had a brilliant experience at a school and puts up with my moans and groans when I’ve not liked somewhere!!! She is well aware that I need a job and is always positive and encouraging. She actively gets me work which plays to my SEN and Early Years strengths, caring about my general welfare and me as a person. It is like having a younger sister and I am lucky to have a really good, positive relationship with her (she rocks!!!)
Summing up in 3 words? Lovely, fabulous, positive!

H. Morgan, Level 3 Learning Support Assistant, Wirral.