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I have worked with New Directions for over 5 years. I am contacted on a weekly basis to select placement of work. My relationship with my Account Manager is fine. The communication is good and I’m kept updated with days to work or cancellations.

The highlight of working with New Directions is that they always find you work in the areas that you choose and how often you wish to work. I would definitely recommend New Directions.

Janet, Primary Teacher Newport

I have been working with New Directions for the last year and have built an open and approachable relationship with my Account Manager. Nadine always ensures that I am comfortable with placements in schools and is very understanding towards my other commitments.

My highlight of working with New Direction is that I have been able to go to schools I enjoy and that I am happy to work in, and would be happy to recommend people to the agency.

Sheikh, Primary Teacher Newport

I have been working with New Directions for the last 3-5 years. My account manager has always been aware and sympathetic to my strengths and experience when placing me with any school, and a highlight of working with New Directions is that each placement has been a challenge and interesting for my development.

Having worked with other agencies I can honestly say that the support, availability and people at New Directions are a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend the agency to other teachers.


Rhys, Primary Teacher Newport

I have been working with New Directions for a number of years. Nadine has been very professional in the way she talks on the phone, answering questions very calmly and gets back with answers to questions she is unsure about very quickly. Nadine does not try and push me into schools I do not want to go to, or push me into going to schools when I have booked days off.

Listening to what I want and not trying to push me to do more than I want to do is defintiely a highlight of working with New Directions and I would have no problems recommeding them.

Russell, Newport Primary Teacher

My account manager Jennifer Lambert as well as every point of contact I’ve had with New Directions have been brilliant regarding their communication, reliability and affability. Any query or worry I have had has been approached with care and urgency meaning I have always felt very secure and at ease in my position as a supply teacher with New Directions.
I am very thankful to Jennifer and all the staff that have provided me with guidance throughout my time with this agency and I have very much enjoyed working with them.
It has always been a pleasure conversing with my account managers, Jennifer and Chloe, and this has been an unquestionable highlight of working with New Directions. They are very professional, fantastic to speak to and have helped to make my journey as a supply teacher very enjoyable through their warmth and openness.

I’ll definitely be using New Directions again in the future if I find myself wanting to do supply work again.

Alex, Cardiff Primary Teacher

I have worked with New Directions for over 3 years. Nadine has been the best account manager I have had since joining New Directions. She is efficient, friendly and extremely helpful . Nadine has always gone out of her way to check how I’m doing and giving me feedback from schools. She is in frequent contact and has always provided me with regular placements and bookings . I could not fault the service she has provided to me and I am very happy having her as my account manager .

My highlight of working with New Directions has been the relationship I have with them and I will definitely be recommending New Directions.

Lesley, Newport Primary Teacher

New Directions established a good relationship with me when I started working for them 5 years ago. Jen and Chloe, my account managers, always listen and understand my work preferences. Communication is excellent and The New Directions website is easy and quick to use. There is always lots of work available and I have never encountered any problems with salary payments.

Jane- Cardiff Primary Teacher

I’m currently in my third year of working with New Directions and they have always been fantastic. My account manager is just a phone call away and is happy to help whenever needed. She listens to my requests and ensures she meets my requirements. I have had long term and day to day posts and enjoy visiting a variety of schools within Cardiff. Working as a supply teacher can be daunting but New Directions have been a brilliant company to work with and provide support, guidance and training to their staff. I have learnt so much since going on supply and enjoy the challenges it brings. A huge thank you to Jen for always being so understanding and friendly! I have recommended friends to New Directions and will continue to do so! Thank you for all that you do in the Cardiff office!

Kelly- Cardiff Primary Teacher

I started working with New Directions in June 2017. I deal direct with Nadine who is very easy to get hold of and if I have any queries she is able to answer them straight away. She is very quick at calling back if you aren’t able to get through directly to her, and is very friendly, approachable and polite. She is not pushy when it comes to work and I have found that very refreshing compared to other agencies.

Since working with New Directions I  have enjoyed that they have been able to keep putting me back in the same schools which means I can build up a rapport with the school and good working relationships with the staff, pupils and parents. I would highly recommend New Directions and have already started telling people to call and register.

Thank you Nadine for your hard work over the last few months I really appreciate it and I look forward to September!

Samantha, Newport Primary NQT

New Directions have been great to work in my first year of teaching. They are very good at selecting schools that they think I’d enjoy working in, which makes the experience a lot more personal. In terms of contact, my account managers keep in regular contact with me by text and over the phone, be it to offer a booking or often just to call to ask how the day or week has gone. Something that I also really appreciate is that there is no pressure on me to take work if not needed or to work in a school that I’d prefer not to for personal reasons. This makes me feel like I am in control and that I get what I need personally. My account managers also keep a list of preferred schools that I enjoy working in, so that they can try to get repeated work there as much as possible. This for me is great as it means that I am happy where I’m working, but also this repeated work helps me build up familiarity and a rapport with schools. In terms of feedback, New Directions are also incredibly open about the feedback from schools. This is very useful for professional development but also in terms of building confidence when they share your positive reviews.

The highlight of my time working with New Directions has been how I’ve been dealt with by my account managers. Both of them work very hard in placing me in schools they think that I would like, and they are very understanding of my needs be that in terms of availability or issues with travel etc. They also work hard in getting me repeated work in schools, which in turn gives me some continuity which otherwise can be difficult on supply. As a result of this I also received a long term supply post in a school, which I enjoyed very much and this helped me progress greatly professionally. This was an opportunity that I am very thankful for and would not have had, had it not been for New Directions.

I’m extremely happy with my experience working with New Directions. I previously had a negative experience with another supply teaching agency in which I was treated rather poorly. However working with New Directions I feel I have had a very personal experience, which I value greatly. I have a good working relationship and dialogue with my account managers; and they have made me feel like I do in fact matter. They work very hard to address and serve my needs and I genuinely feel like I am put first. I cannot speak highly enough of my account managers and greatly appreciate their efforts in making the start of my teaching career as smooth as possible.

Jonathan, Cardiff Primary Teacher