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Testimonials - School

It’s been a very positive experience working with both Matt and New Directions Education. Matt is a breath of fresh air, who fully understands the needs of the school and what works well for us. Matt has even gone as far as offering himself to help come and cover a class for us.  It doesn’t get better than that!

Working with New Directions Education has been easy and that is extremely important in the fast pace environment we work in. As of this, I would absolutely recommend Matt and often do to my contacts at other schools. We even go as far as recommending our staff whose temporary contracts are ending, to go and register with him as this allows us to use them through New Directions Education.



HR Manager – Chester Secondary School

We are truly grateful and very happy with the service we receive from New Directions, their staff are very helpful and pleasant and will go that extra mile to give a super service. Well Done Team!

Linda Jones, Supply Coordinator.

St Francis RC Primary School, Cardiff

Our school has worked with New Directions for 2 years and will continue to do so going forward.  Our Account Manager understands the schools specific needs and ensures the right staff are always booked in even with last minute calls. What is more they offer continuity for our students as they genuinely care.

Paula, Primary School Cover Manager

Since working with New Directions I have built a great working relationship with our account manager.  She is always on hand for any last minute emergencies and fully understands the requirements of our school.  We have had some very specific staffing requirements this term and all staff have been perfectly matched. We are pleased to be working with New Directions and hope this partnership will continue going forward.

Rebecca, Primary School Cover Manager

As a busy School and Pupil Referral Service, we have had the need to work with New Directions for almost 4 years, our dedicated account manager has been our point of contact for just over two and a half years.

Our account manager is one of our highlights of working with New Directions, she is excellent at understanding of the needs of our School, service and the pupils we work with. Even when we give her impossible requests she always manages fill the need! In addition, she is always honest about the candidates ability to meet our complex and individual needs.

Whenever I call in, all of the ALN team are very helpful, but our account manager is helpful and approachable.  If I have had any issues she has dealt with them promptly. I would recommend New Directions!

Jane, Pupil Referral Service Manager

I have worked with New Directions for several years now and have a great relationship with my account manager and the Liverpool Team.  New Directions have fully supported our school and always listened to our requirements ensuring we receive the best staff who are well suited to school. We have several long term staff who are of an extremely high standard and will be continuing with us from September.  More recently they have offered support on training and helped us with last minute training requirements. I would highly recommend New Directions to any school as they are highly professional and offer a speedy response to any requirements or queries.

Jennifer, Primary School Business Manager

Communication with my account managers have been very good. Frequency of contact has been fine, I don’t like being overwhelmed by agencies. I know where to go when I need someone. I like the reliability and open dialogue of how the supply teachers and LSA’s have performed in other schools. I would recommend New Directions.

Head of Trerobart Primary

Words cannot adequately describe the way that New Directions helps me – when I phone up in a panic and the answer is always ‘no problem – we will look to see who is available and call you back’.  The quality of your relief workers is the best – and I always feel a little more relieved when I know that you are able to send us someone.  My two Account Managers from the ALN and Primary Team are the most cheerful unflappable people in the city.

Lakeside Primary, Cardiff

I would like to thank you for all your help this year in organising supply teachers for Swiss Valley School. The service we have received from you as our Account Manager has been very helpful, courteous, and very efficient at all times. We look forward to liaising with you next term.

Pat – Llanelli – Swiss Valley

It is with great pleasure I am writing this letter to provide a reference for my account manager.
I have found New Directions invaluable and professional thanks to my account manager, before I enrolled with New Directions I was unemployed for 6 months due to redundancy resulting in having no self confidence and focus. I was provided with excellent step by step support and provided constant work from the moment I had joined. Her communication is very polite and understanding, also never failed to return my calls or answer any queries I may have. My account manager also makes sure I’m matched for each school with providing me all necessary information about schools and my requests are always met. New Directions has given me self confidence back and reassurance, I feel as though alot of this is down to my account manager an her excellent support I had received during my difficult time.

Marie – Candidate