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Testimonials - Client

New Directions supply Locum Pharmacist and Dispenser cover across our 210+ UK pharmacies.

New Directions as an agency always provide consistent updates to confirm they are still in the process of sourcing cover. On the phone, everyone in the team has a very good, friendly approach and they always go above and beyond to try to help. There is always a fast response to both email correspondence and phone calls. This is incredibly useful to us as at times it can get very busy.

As a result of their help, our pharmacies can work more efficiently to serve our customers and provide great service. In recent times particularly, the dispenser bookings have been of great use to our stores.

I think New Directions have been the best choice because of the regular updates and helpful, can-do attitude of everyone in the team.

Efficient, reliable and friendly.

Kerry – Head office contact at Superdrug

New Directions have been the best choice

New Directions is my first port of call for locum dispensers, for a few reasons:

•Excellent response rate and quick turn around time for requests
•Excellent communication skills
•Clear and concise communications with branches and myself
•A cheery team

I don’t use agency Pharmacists, but if I did, New Directions would be my initial contact.

UK Wide client coordinator based in Coventry

Excellent response rate and quick turn around time for requests

New Directions was recommended to me by my colleagues when I started this role and I have not been disappointed with the service provided. The company has become my preferred supplier, especially when trying to find dispensers.

I have always received prompt service from my Account Manager and the team.  A lot of our dispenser requests get fulfilled by New directions due to the way in which she responds to my queries. She also helps with any of the specific requests that the pharmacies may have. I have received a lot of help in ensuring dispenser requests are fulfilled in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

New Directions is a great choice for dispenser cover. Reliable, professional and quick service.

New Directions have become our preferred supplier

1.Great at sourcing locums in difficult geographical locations i.e. Carlisle, Southampton & Wales.
2.Long standing relationship with the team, success in sourcing cover in above difficult regions specifically Wales & industry reputation.
3.Honest feedback, knowledge of challenges in a variety of areas & notification of availability.
4.Long standing support with bookings throughout Wales & Bristol and fast responses to emergency bookings at reasonable rates.
5.When I joined the business it was common knowledge throughout the team that New Directions were the first port of call for emergency bookings and we had the confidence that there would be locums available to book.
6.The staff have been able to build up good working relationships with all of the colleagues at New Directions.
7.Knowledgeable, honest and accessible

Knowledgeable, honest and accessible

New Directions mainly supply us locum pharmacists but occasionally Locum technicians. We use New Directions because they seem to have the biggest pool of candidates and 99.9% of the time, New Directions are able to provide good locums at short notice.  Thanks to New Directions we are able to keep the stores open since we have a pharmacist in place.

New Directions are the best choice because they provide the locums at reasonable rates. My Account Manager is always friendly and happy to help.

Large Independent.

Happy to Help

I have always found New Directions very friendly and effective, particularly my contact. They have always managed to provide me with locums even at short notice, sometimes very short notice.

With New Directions I always feel that the needs of my business are listened to and that the best locum out there is found for me, they also welcome feedback on their locums to ensure the best possible job is done.

I have never encountered any problems when dealing with New Directions. If I had to describe New Directions in 3 words: efficient, helpful and dependable.

Small Independent.

Efficient, Helpful and Dependable!

We use New Directions to fill our emergency bookings as well as our planned bookings. They are professional and very friendly at all times and always do their best to meet our needs.

We use New Directions as a first choice agency as they strive to deliver professional locums at all times, this results in our customers receiving excellent service. It also helps us to ensure that we have no branch closures.

The Account Managers always go above and beyond to help out especially in emergencies and have managed “To Save the Day” and arrange cover on numerous occasions, especially during the busy holiday periods and most recently during Eid.

Large Uk wide client co-ordinator.

Save The Day!

The location of where I cover we have limited Locums so therefore I do rely on our Account Manager to find us coverage. I have used New Direction since I’ve been in my role as I found them so effective. They found locum coverage in the most difficult area over holiday periods and also at the last minute in the day.

My Account Manager has helped me not to have any branch closures within my area which helps me in my role and the company. He will always advise you if coverage is available or not. His telephone manner always is bright and cheerful which makes the most difficult situation we have to cover that most easiest once you have

Teamwork, Motivation, Achievements

Linda – Rota Coordinator – Large UK Client

They Found Coverage in the Most Difficult Area

1.We needed long term Locum Pharmacist to cover .
2.I found them quicker in finding locums and more professional than other agencies.
3.Yes cover has been arranged for the majority of our needs
4.They covered the Gaps quicker and the quality of locum is good.
5.Adrian was helpful and sympathetic
6.A good company to engage.

Jay – Pharmacy Manager – Independent Pharmacy in Cornwall

A Good Company to Engage

I use new direction to book in pharmacists when I struggle to cover my branches, this can be in advanced or last minute. I was recommended by someone from my team, and I can say that I’m 100% impressed with the help and support I receive and I’m never left in a situation thanks to New Directions.

My Account Manager always works his hardest to help me solve any problems I have, his personality is a bonus as he is easy to approach and exceedingly friendly. As a result my branches are always open with pharmacists!!

ND are the best choice for me as they are absolutely amazing with the amount of work they help me with, I get so much support and achievement from them.

My point of contact always goes out of his way to help; he always gets back to me with an answer and never leaves me hanging. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for this service as I am exceptionally happy.


Priya – Locum Coordinator – Large UK client

I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for this service