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Jacqui Kempa, Centre Manager (Day Care)

I have never had any problems with New Directions and have recommended them to other nurseries.

New Directions approached me about using them again as I had not used them for several years. Since starting to use them again as I needed nursery nurse cover I have been impressed with the service I have been getting.

They have not failed me and on the very, very rare occasions they have not been able to find anyone they call me with enough time that I can go elsewhere. They are always honest with me.

They will always check with me if I will be happy with the candidate they wish to send. They are very aware of when I need cover what my expectations are and which candidates are best suited to my nursery.

I always contact New Directions first as they do not fail me, they are always helpful and friendly, and work very hard to provide what I need.

Vicky, Gareth, Liam, Andrew, Omar have been brilliant when I have called needing someone. They have all worked with me at some point when I have had to call the out of hours number on the weekend when I know I need someone. They are all very friendly, helpful and professional. This is one of the reasons I will always call ND first. Brilliant team who know and understands my needs.

Vicky had gone over and above what I would expect all year when she knows I need cover. She works very hard finding the right person for me and keeps me up to date on how she is doing, who she is trying to get for me and checking that I am happy with the candidate.

I am so pleased with her and the friendliness you get from the time the telephone is answered followed by the service provided is excellent.

Three words to sum up the Social Care team at New Directions

Professional, friendly, brilliant

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