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Why health and safety in the workplace could save you money…

Keeping a workplace safe is one of the most important considerations any employer will have when setting up their business. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, and organisations work to ensure that they safeguard their business, staff and any visitors and stakeholders on an ongoing basis. From appointed First Aid representatives to understanding the legislation that applies to their business, employers are on an ongoing journey to uphold standards and operate with due diligence.

In 2016/17 the Health and Safety Executive issued a report relating to workplace injuries that made for stark reading. During this time over 175,000 injuries occurred resulting in seven or more days absence from work. A further 434,000 injuries happened within the workplace that created an impactful up to seven days absence.
29% of those injuries were cited as slips, trips or falls, followed closely with 22% of incidents relating to lifting and handling.

We spoke with our Senior Trainer Steve Shepherd who offered us some insight and top tips for common first aid occurrences:

H20…a simple equation

“A good tip for burns is water, water and more water. Running water if possible, the quicker you cool the burn the less damage. My mother used to swear by butter, it’s the worst thing you can use. No creams, toothpaste, butter etc.
Lately in the press there have been a lot of reports of acid attacks, again treat with loads of water. If possible cool the burn under running water for 20 minutes to wash out the chemical. If you don’t have water you can use any harmless liquid like milk or pop, something you could drink. This is better than nothing and will help cool down the burn.

New Directions Training is an accredited centre for the delivery of training to organisations across the UK to ensure that they can comply with health and safety standards. Our team can offer a no obligation consultation bespoke to your business to ensure you are safeguarding your team. Take a look at our full offer here.

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