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Personal Safety and Behaviour Management (PSBM) Level 1

The personal safety and behaviour management (PSBM) programme is an ideal course for organisations operating in a medium risk environment. Underpinned by values and principles that fit within a culture and ethos of positive customer service it will support your personal safety and behaviour management needs by training staff with a gradual and graded range of skills in addition to related theory.Level 1 : This will be a generic course covering basic theory with a select amount of breakaway techniques specific to grabs from front, sides and rear.Course information sheet: PSBM Level 1 

Classroom Management

The classroom management course has been designed with subject matter expert advice and guidance based on the needs of our schools and justification requests for our candidates to have these skills and knowledge. Support from the Department of Education and related policies have also formed part of the course design and development to ensure the course complies with best practice and is delivering the most up-to-date information on this extremely important subject.