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Sectors: Social Care

Personal Safety and Behaviour Management (PSBM) Level 1

The personal safety and behaviour management (PSBM) programme is an ideal course for organisations operating in a medium risk environment. Underpinned by values and principles that fit within a culture and ethos of positive customer service it will support your personal safety and behaviour management needs by training staff with a gradual and graded range of skills in addition to related theory.Level 1 : This will be a generic course covering basic theory with a select amount of breakaway techniques specific to grabs from front, sides and rear.Course information sheet: PSBM Level 1 

Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) Level 2

Overview Every social care employee should receive training in the Protection of Vulnerable Adults in order to understand how and why people abuse others, how to recognise signs and symptoms and how to report any incident Outline programme The training programme covers the following topics;What is POVA?  Who is a vulnerable adult?  Definition of abuse  Types of abuse  Signs and Symptoms  Whistle Blowing  Reporting alleged abuseOther informationDesigned for: All employeesCourse duration: Half day/One day programmeNew Directions Certificate IssuedPOVA […]

Dementia Awareness Training

Overview Dementia is a complex disease and has a dramatic impact on the individual, family and friends Outline Programme The qualification covers the following topics:Introduction Defining dementia The importance of diagnosis Common types of dementia and their causes Common signs and symptoms of dementia Working with family and friends Protecting the individual from harm Maintaining general health and well-being Positive and effective communication Medication and complimentary therapies Roles, responsibilities and boundaries, relevant legislation and guidanceQualification […]