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Herbert Thompson Primary School Adults Have Got Talent

Herbert Thompson Primary came together as a school to prove the infamous phrase that ‘you are never too old or too young to learn a new skill’ and defy the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’.

As adults we can inspire children to take up a new skill or discover a hidden talent and promote life long-learning. This year the school have championed the themes Inspiration and Opportunity, which culminated in the whole school taking part in MAT Day 2013. The teachers and adults were able to celebrate their talents and give their pupils the exciting opportunity to try something new.  

New Directions Branch Manager Kelly Storer and Primary Account Manager Anna  Powell got in touch with their creative side and got the pupils to try their hand at paper jewellery making. Commenting on the event, Kelly said ‘I was overwhelmed by the pupils participation and engagement in our activity and throughout the day. They were great ambassadors for the school and the staff played an integral role in its success. As Herbert Thompson Primary was the first school to use New Directions, it was an ideal opportunity for us as a company to give something back for their loyalty’.

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  1. leah williams says:

    Hi there are a few jobs on your web site that I am interested in and would be suitable for me please could someone ring or contact me via email to let me know if any are available, I am in the aberbargoed area, contact number is 07730530661/ 01443 260513. thankyou leah Williams.