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Holly’s Ball celebrates World Awareness Day – Cardiff

It’s purpose is to raise awareness of Autism in Wales, to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day and to raise funds for both Autism Cymru and The National Autistic Society Cymru. Holly’s Ball will be held in the Millennium Lounge at The Millennium Stadium on 02.04.2011 which is World Autism Awareness Day. The Ball was launched at the National Assembly of Wales in November 2011in the hope to get as much publicity as possible. Our intention is to roll Holly’s Ball out to the whole of Wales over the next 2 years. Alongside ourselves, Real Radio, Bluestone Wales, Autism Cymru, National Autistic Society Cymru and The Autism Directory are kindly supporting & sponsoring the event.

Autism is underrepresented and misunderstood and this is a world wide problem. Over ½ a million people suffer with Autism in the U.K, 1 in 100 people and that’s only the individuals that have been lucky enough to have received diagnosis. There is no known cause and no known cure for Autism. For these reasons, awareness of this lifelong, serious, disabling condition is crucial. Appropriate intervention needs to take place at the earliest point possible. There needs to be a sympathetic education system in place and this needs to be echoed by GPs, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and other front line contacts for families who struggle daily with Autism. To get the best from a child with Autism, they must be understood and given a chance to succeed and they will.

Steve Davies – Group Operations Manager stated “It gives me great pleasure to help, support and sponsor Holly’s Ball – Cardiff and hope through our promotion and working partnerships with all involved we will raise the profile of Autism and ensure everyone across our organisation is aware of such a worthwhile cause”

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