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Let’s make it a Social Care 2017

2016 has just been signed off by the mass media as a ‘terrible year’ a year of loss and endings. Arguably every year brings with it some loss and some endings, but what about the great things 2016 gave us?

For our team, we became even more of a tight-knit unit and family. We welcomed back Kirsty to Bristol after her brief experiment with a new family. We took in Rebecca from our extended family over in New Directions Education. And we all grew.

Yasmin got married (hooray, a beautiful bride), Liam’s girls continue to run circles around him, Emma carried through a weight loss regime that has been remarkable to witness.

And what about the rest of us…well, we felt that 2016 was a year that let us be humble, appreciate what was going on around us – we raised monies and awareness for some great charities… big up @theWallich and @StMungos – we worked with new candidates to help signpost them into great jobs with brilliant clients.

We met innovative clients who work to empower their own clients to have fulfilled and inspiring futures, and in turn we were inspired. I took to the roads and passed my driving test in April and bought my new set of wheels – Audrey. Omar branched out and was bold enough to tackle a new venture with a new office in Swansea.

Jodie and Gareth made sure we were all kept in order, being as ever (with Emma and Yas) the back bone of our unit. 2016 was progressive, thought provoking and yet another 12 months of shaping our team of tomorrow.
So here we are at the beginning of 2017 and a whole 360 odd (give or take) days to do something wonderful – for ourselves, our families, careers and communities.

I feel a bit like the queen writing this little piece, but if I could wish anything for 2017, it would be the continued success and happiness of all in our community – and a voice for those who need it most.

The social care sector is often hit the hardest in times of austerity and penny pinching…we must all work together to ensure the solutions we provide for all in our circle are considered and bench marked for positive outcomes.

Here’s to a wonderful 2017 with everything that it throws at us…including a new family member set to join the ranks very soon – all will be revealed.

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