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#PressforProgress – A blog by Kirsty Knowles on International Women’s Day

Strong women, I’m absolutely surrounded by them, in work and in my personal life!

Women who have been through terrible tragedies, domestic abuse, lost loved ones and still pull themselves up and live their lives even though their heart has been broken!

They raise their children with love and teach them the ways of the world!

Today is the day we celebrate them. Build each other up. Tell someone they are doing amazing, whether it’s a stay at home mum, a career woman, or a single lady, you are simply a woman holding the reins and pulling and pushing to get to where you need to be, keep on doing it.

To all the men out there who have been raised by strong women; we can absolutely tell your support, love, commitment to raising a family and living a good life alongside your chosen partner is what is changing the ways of the world. Attitudes are changing and evolving, we are dancing to a new tune where women and men are equal. Let’s celebrate it and keep pushing there is still some work to do.

To my mum who is one of the strongest ladies I’ve ever met, who moulded me and gave me my values and attitude to life thank you! I saw your tears and your pain but I also saw you smiling, encouraging and pushing me to be who I am even when at times your life was in turmoil.

To all my colleagues I see you leaving your babies to go to work, to provide for them and give them a good life and teach your babies an excellent work ethic and good values. I see you in meetings after you have fallen out with your teenage daughter over something small in the morning and its upset you but you put a brave face on and solider on. You’re raising a strong woman and sometimes that communication gets lost.

I’m raising sons. Sons that will have the utmost respect for all women and will understand there is no difference in the end. No matter what; gender, colour, religious beliefs or sexual orientation, we are all the same.

I hope I’m doing a good job to instil those values. I hope I’m setting a good example to them of what not just a strong woman is, but what anyone can achieve if they set their minds to it.

I will pledge to celebrate women’s achievements, I’m pressing for progress, are you?


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