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Raising awareness against domestic abuse – a blog by Jennavieve Phelps

The Gloucestershire police has recently teamed up with the Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS) to raise awareness against domestic abuse.

GDASS offers a range of bespoke support packages which help victims to live safely and move on from abuse. The packages are tailored to each victim and their individual needs.

On the 18th June, GloucestershireLive published a story on the correlation between people watching football and domestic cases reported. Their findings show that when England play football and either drew or lost domestic abuse reports would rise by 38 percent, but more astonishingly even when England would play and win, the reported domestic abuse would still rise by 26 percent compared with days when there were no England matches.

GDASS have said: ‘We are supporting the awareness campaign being launched by Gloucestershire police at the end of the month, to deter perpetrators of domestic abuse and encourage victims to seek help, not just during the World Cup but at any time. We would advise victims that your safety, your family’s safety is the most important thing when considering your options.’

GDASS work with victims to allow them and their children to stay safely in their own homes, offering legal advice support. Where this is not possible GDASS will help victims find a safe place to stay.

Our Social Care team work closely with a number of services who support victims of domestic abuse. This could be in a number of settings including hostels, mental health services and day centers. Our support staff help to rebuild the victim’s confidence and get their lives back on track.

To be a support worker in this setting you must be a certain type of person, you will need to be empathetic, empowering and generally a strong person. We are proud of all of our Support staff who work in this field and help victims of abuse start to gain control of their lives again.


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