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Benefits of working as an agency Nurse

Louise John explains the benefits of being an agency nurse

At New Directions Health & Social Care, we have more than 20 years of recruitment experience and are experts in all aspects of agency work, so we know all about the benefits of being an agency Nurse.

Our dedicated Recruitment Consultants know that agency Nurses work at the heart of our communities every day, where they make an immeasurable impact caring for our most vulnerable.

Louise John, one of our expert Recruitment Consultants, explains the benefits of agency Nursing and what you can expect when you choose it for your career…

High rates of pay

“The nature of agency Nursing means you’re needed to cover staffing gaps and to maintain round-the-clock care. As an agency Nurse, you will hit the ground running and use your experience to care in varied settings. Because of this, we ensure that you are paid a wage that reflects your hard work.

“Healthcare providers are facing unfilled roles and staff shortages for several reasons, and need you more than ever, so now is certainly a good time to take on a flexible agency role.”

Short and long-term opportunities available

“With the country-wide Nursing shortage, all types of Nursing settings use agency staff. You could work in your local Nursing home, a city centre clinic or acute hospital ward depending on what area of Nursing you’re most interested in.

“Whether you want extra shifts around your current role, or contract and long-term bookings at an agency rate, we can offer you however many hours you want to work.”

Set your own schedule

“Whatever you do for a living, your time is always your most valuable possession. Being an agency Nurse gives you the power to control your own working pattern, so you can prioritise your time and work the hours that suit you.

“There’s no minimum or maximum number of hours you have to work as an agency Nurse. That means if you want an additional shift to earn extra money, you can have it. Working with New Directions means you aren’t tied to a set shift pattern. If you do have other commitments, you can work around them.”

Enjoy a better work/life balance

“Not only is managing your professional and personal lives important for your productivity, but it’s also vital for your emotional wellbeing, too. Having a healthy relationship with work reduces stress and helps you to avoid burnout, so you can continue to enjoy the amazing impact you can make as a Nurse.

“The general flexibility of agency Nursing means you can dedicate time to do the other things you value. Whether it’s family commitments, studying or something else, agency Nurses deserve to focus on their personal interests as much as anyone else.

“Remember, agency Nurses also have greater say in where they work. If you want to spare yourself commuting across the city or countryside during rush hour, you can work in a location that’s more accessible to you and save some of the time usually spent in traffic.”

Career opportunities as an agency Nurse

“One of the best benefits of being an agency Nurse is the ability to experience more diversity in terms of exposure to different environments, people and patients.

“When working as an agency Nurse for us, you can work in a wider range of departments and specialities. This can help you to develop your clinical skills and enhance your career prospects, and we’ll do everything we can to support your career progression.”

Register as an agency Nurse with us

New Directions Health & Social Care has short and long-term opportunities for Registered General Nurses, Registered Mental Health Nurses, Learning Disabilities Nurses, and Registered Children’s Nurse.

To speak to Louise and learn about the opportunities available, contact us or register now and start enjoying the benefits of being an agency Nurse today.

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