Stress Awareness Month

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The end of April marks the end of Stress Awareness month giving businesses the chance to openly discuss the effects of stress and offer suggestions on how to help individuals cope. Stress is a term used to describe how we feel when we are under pressure from circumstances or events, as well as how we react to demands with which we find difficult to manage. Stress can have such a major impact on mental health and manging it is a priority for us at New Directions, so we can continue to put our employees first.

Start by identifying what triggers stress, even if it is unavoidable or a one-time event, here are ways to help you prepare to tackle it:

  • Plan your time according to your energy levels, avoid doing too much at once, take pauses, go slowly, and create more reasonable goals so you can track your progress.
  • Practice saying how you feel. If individuals are making unreasonable demands of you, it’s okay to tell them this and say no.
  • Developing you interests and hobbies are a great way to meet new people and escapes from everyday pressures.
  • Looking after your physical health can reduce stress, however we know how difficult this can be, but always make sure to get enough sleep and eat regular meals.
  • Give yourself a break and find ways to relax, whether that’s being creative, listening to music or doing physical activity.
  • Reward yourself for completing any tasks or goals but don’t be disheartened if some things didn’t go to plan.
  • Build your support network – speak to your close friends and family but stress could be hugely helped by speaking to someone who may feel the same way as you or be in a similar situation. 

Always remember, if your stress is starting to impact your mental health and your situation isn’t improving to always search for professional help. Click the link below for resources on dealing with mental health.