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Blueberry Bears Day Nursery spring in to Easter

Blueberry Bears Day Nursery in Cardiff are extremely excited to announce the arrival of their new Easter chicks. For the second year running, they have welcomed the unhatched eggs and incubator in to the Nursery and cared for them for the three weeks, leading up to and including the hatching of the fluffy little chicks.

The Nursery’s Manager, Carys Wenner told us how intrigued the children are and how they love to watch the hatching of the eggs, and are always eager to help feed, clean and cuddle them.

Carys explained, “The parents of the children are also just as interested in how the chicks are getting on. I am very excited to be taking them home for the night before they are collected on Thursday and taken to the farm”. She added, “it is always sad to see them go but they all look forward to do it again next year.”

Each chick has been named by the children, the biggest of the bunch being called Banana and the rest Cupcake, Elsa, Olaf and Daisy.

Our sales consultant Yasmin was invited down to meet the fluffy little beings and here are some photos take on the day…

chicks 3  chicks 5

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