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Testimonials - Locum

My name is Satish and I have been working with New Directions for the last 5 years. I heard about this company from my friend.

It was easy to register and you guys always manage to find me work. I am happy to recommend New Directions to my friends and colleagues. My experience with your agency has always been really good and professional.

If I had to sum up New Directions in three words, they would be:

Friendly professional and brilliant.

Friendly, professional and brilliant

I heard about New Directions from my friend who was already working with them. It is so easy to get registered and the staff are really helpful.

I have had a lovely experience with New Directions. When I decided to become a locum, I was a little worried in case I could not get bookings. After starting with New Directions I did not have that problem and they have been amazing. My Account Manager is always helpful and considers my preferences.

I would absolutely recommend New Directions. I had already recommend them to my friends and they have also found them good. New Directions were the best choice for finding me work as they are very friendly and they are able to offer a variety of bookings.

Everything from registration to follow up, they have kept me updated.

I really appreciate my account manager, “she is brilliant and a star”. New Directions is the best locum service.

Yasir – Locum Pharmacy Technician

Best locum service

I heard about New Directions from my friends. I found it very easy to register online and I have had an excellent experience so far. My Account Manager helps me find work by sending regular emails with work available. This gives me flexibility.

I would definitely recommend New Directions for locum work. They send regular emails and they all have a friendly attitude.

Excellent locum service.

Vishal – Locum Dispenser

Excellent Locum service

How would I describe ND in three words? diligent, passionate and constant. I registered in 2007 and haven’t looked back. The process was straight forward and I was booked into work without any delay. My preferences are always taken into consideration regarding availability and vendors and it always offers rates far above the market pay. Their understanding and experience allow for pharmacists to maximise earnings due to seasonal increases in demand. Queries regarding any discrepancies are always dealt with promptly. I have recommended ND throughout my professional career and will continue to do so because it is a first class agency; the best in the industry bar none. Keep up the good work!

Adan, Pharmacist – South Wales

Adan – the best in the industry bar none

I heard about New Directions from my friend who works in the same field. He recommended New Directions as a professional and reliable establishment. It was a very easy, straightforward and convenient registration process.

New Directions has been very helpful to me. My Account Manager gives me enough time to make my decision by sending job availability updates via email. Any jobs they have offered me have always suited me personally and they are always thinking of my best interests. I am very happy working for them. The staff are always helpful and they are a very friendly team.

I would definitely recommend New Directions. I have recommended them to all my colleagues as the best recruitment company. New Directions are the best choice for finding me work as they are more flexible which suits my lifestyle.

My Account Manager has given me the confidence to work as a locum. It is very difficult to adapt to working as a locum and without New Directions’ guidelines I would not have been confident enough to work as a locum.

Efficient, Effective, Reliable

Shankar – Locum Dispenser

Efficient, effective and reliable

How did you hear about New Directions?

I heard about New Directions through my father! He put me in contact with my Account Manager and we took off from the word go

It was extremely easy to register. This was a fluid process from start to finish and any questions I had concerning the registration process were addressed competently and efficiently by the team.

It was so easy and quick to register that I managed to get working the same week. They were accommodating in the fact that I was newly qualified Pharmacist and eased me into stores which were quieter initially and this enabled me to gain confidence in my skills as a Community Pharmacist as well as get used to the different Pharmacy Computer systems such as Nexphase, Pharmacy Manager, Proscript etc.

My experience with New Directions has always been fantastic! The team keep me busy and accommodate my lack of organizational skills. If I have any problems with delayed payments or expenses they are 110% reliable in the fact that they will chase them up on my behalf.  Without them I wouldn’t enjoy where I work and it is a pleasure to help them out.

New Directions liaise with a majority of Community Pharmacy Companies within the UK. I am based in Cardiff but they have been able to find me work all over the UK and I am truly grateful for the professional service they provide.

I would definitely recommend ND Pharmacy! Whenever I am working in a store with Pharmacy students or Pre-Registration Pharmacists I always insist on getting them to contact New Directions after they qualify. Locuming is great for developing a complete range of skills in different working and clinical environment.

The service is fantastic, the rates are extremely competitive compared to other recruitment companies and the demeanor of the staff is professional and amicable.  It is a pleasure to give the team a call in the morning and let the team know your week ahead in order for them to book/find shifts

There isn’t one outstanding thing this agency have done for me…there are many!

One particular moment that stands out was when my mother fell ill and I wasn’t feeling like working as I wanted to be in the hospital. One quick phone call to the team and everything was rearranged with no fuss or stress. They also kept in close contact over the next following days to find out how I was and how my mother was recovering. I will never forget this.

I would just like to say thank you for everything you have done for helping myself and my father find locum work in South Wales. It’s a pleasure to work with and not for you!

To describe New Directions in three words, I would say


Kirit, locum Pharmacist South Wales/Wiltshire

There isn’t one outstanding moment … There are many!

It is a great pleasure to work for Briony and all the team.

Nana – Locum Dispenser

A pleasure to work with

I heard about New Directions from a friend and the company was highly recommended, that was about 10 years ago. Registration was very easy. You’ve helped with so many jobs; before and after being registered as a pharmacist in the UK. My experience with the company has been very good and it’s a company I would highly recommend to anyone.

The company helped get jobs, made sure everything went fine from helping with how to locate and get to the store booked/travel, very good B&Bs that one can stay in and sorting any issues that might crop up.

In all my dealings with the company, all results have been achieved – from helping get work to helping with travel/stay, getting good rates of pay and ensuring that all work done get paid for.

Best choice: Yes.

The company is not limited to helping find job in a specific part of the country. One can be sure to get jobs all over the country with them.

My account manager has helped with work where I wanted and ensured I get paid on agreed rates and where unpaid, make sure the agreed rates are paid.

In three words:

‘Trusted to help/perform’

Bukola – Locum Pharmacist Yorkshire

Trusted to Help And Perform

When working with Locums in my current pharmacy, New Directions and my Account Manager in particular, always seemed to be the favourite choice to go to when looking for work, so when it was time for me to take on a ‘new direction’ they seemed to be the obvious choice to begin with.

I found the registration process reasonably straightforward. It did take longer than I was expecting, but then I was unaware about the insurance requirements and needing an up to date DBS check etc.

Once this had all been completed, suitable work was found very promptly with outstanding support. I cannot be grateful enough for the ease at which the transition from fully employed to self-employed has been made. Availability of work and advice and even out of office hours support has been outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my Account Manager and New Directions to anyone looking for a change of role or for more ongoing work.

If I had to sum up my experience so far it would be along the lines of ‘won’t find better’. I am very much looking forward to working with New Directions in the years to come.

Adrian – Locum Dispenser

Won’t find better!

I heard about New Directions from a friend of mine who signed up before me. Registering online was easy with clear steps to follow. My experience with New Directions so far has been good, and pretty much any shifts near me, I take. I would recommend the company.

I have had quite a few shifts already. New Directions are the best choice for helping me find work as they send regular update emails and they have never cancelled a shift on me.

New Directions in three words: Loads of work.

Haleem – Locum Dispenser

Haleem – Regular emails. Also new directions have never cancelled a shift on me.