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Stress Awareness Month: Tips to tackle Stress

A lady meditates alongside a river.

Stress Awareness Month reminds us that stress is almost impossible to avoid. Even in pre-pandemic times, becoming overwhelmed and stressed by the demands of daily life was nothing new. Working in pharmacy settings, many of us have a heavy load of work responsibilities and when these are partnered with family life and other commitments, it can be a juggling act that challenges personal well-being. Since 1992, Stress Awareness Month has taken place in April to…

New Directions joins urgent appeal for Ukraine aid

Two New Directions employees fill a car of Ukraine aid.

Staff from across the New Directions Group have joined an urgent appeal to help provide aid and emergency supplies for the people of Ukraine. Organised by sister company New Directions Education, our staff have donated a wide range of items to a collection organised by Risca Primary School and Maindee Primary School in Newport. The items will be driven to Ukraine by volunteers to help those in need. Read the full story here.

International Women’s Day 2022: Break the bias

A graphic that shows various people crossing their arms to 'Break the bias' on International Women's Day.

Every year on 8 March, International Women’s Day takes place to celebrate the achievements of women and to encourage us all to take action in support of gender equality.  Although International Women’s Day is 111 years old, the issues it highlights still very much exist in today’s modern society. Therefore, the mission remains the same: to forge inclusive work cultures where women’s careers thrive. New Directions is a leading specialist recruitment agency and an essential part of the…

How to beat Blue Monday with Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones shares advice to beat Blue Monday

Blue Monday typically takes place on the third Monday of January and it’s known as the saddest day of the year. Christmas has come and gone, our resolve for New Year’s resolutions are put to the test, the nights are still dark and it can feel like forever since the last pay day. So, what can we do about it? If you’ve woken up and started to think about your next opportunity, take a look…

New Directions Pharmacy supports the Mr X Christmas Appeal

As always, the run up to Christmas has been a time for giving at New Directions Pharmacy as we provided a helping hand to a special charity. The Mr X Christmas Appeal is a charity based in South Wales that gives people the opportunity to buy presents for disadvantaged children. Find out how our staff supported the charity to deliver presents to children who may have nothing else to open on Christmas Day. 

Go Green Week: Four ways to be greener

A green graphic with food and trees in the background, and text that says 'Go Green Week Let's talk about environmental wellbeing'

As part of the New Directions Group, we recently held a ‘Go Green Week’ to encourage our employees to explore the ways they can reduce their carbon footprint and we want to share some of the lessons we learned. Put simply, going green means to live in a way that’s friendly to the environment and sustainable for its resources. This impacts the small stuff and the big stuff, your everyday decisions and your longer-term planning.…

Event: Explore the benefits of Locum Pharmacy

Thursday 17th June 2021 2pm to 3pm Free webinar on Microsoft Teams Locum pharmacists, dispensers and technicians play an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry. They also enjoy huge career satisfaction with the benefits and flexibility of being a locum, whilst gaining essential experience of working for both national and local community pharmacies. Join New Directions Pharmacy, one of the UK’s leading recruitment providers for locums in the pharmaceutical industry, and Darogan Talent, Wales' graduate…

The changing role of Community Pharmacy in Wales

Q&A Event for you Join us for an informative panel discussion and Q&A exploring the various opportunities and challenges facing community pharmacy in Wales. Thursday 4th March 2021 7pm to 8pm Microsoft Teams We're delighted to invite you to our informative panel discussion and Q&A with guest speakers: Richard Thomas, Editor, Pharmacy Magazine Judy Thomas, Director, Community Pharmacy Wales Gurnam Bhogal, Owner, GS Bhogal Pharmacy Elen Searle, Head of New Directions Pharmacy With the three-year,…

COVID-19 Vaccination programme training update

COVID training preparation

Updated 4th February 2021 With the increasing and urgent calls to get community pharmacists involved in the Covid-19 vaccination programme, Elen Searle Head of Pharmacy at New Directions, provides a training update to anyone who would like to be involved, if/when the opportunity arises, to ensure you are appropriately trained in line with the requirements to deliver the various vaccines asap. Scotland are yet to confirm if they will have country-specific requirements for locum pharmacists,…

93% of locum pharmacists would be willing to administer Covid vaccine


As the roll-out of the Covid vaccine continues and questions are raised about the speed of its distribution, specialist recruiter New Directions Pharmacy found that nearly all of the locums it places into community pharmacies would be willing to administer the vaccine. 93% of the locum pharmacists who replied to the survey* said that they would be willing to be part of the vaccine roll-out, with the appropriate training, and 96% of those have said…