Q&A: Why choose a career as a Locum Pharmacist

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With more than 18 years of sector-specific experience, New Directions Pharmacy is the perfect place for Locum Pharmacists to progress their careers.

It’s one of the UK’s leading recruitment and training providers to the pharmacy sector, with exciting opportunities to make a difference in communities in all corners of the country.

There are 8,500 branches registered with New Directions Pharmacy and more than 4,000 Locum Pharmacists trust them to find fulfilling work placements.

Laurence Middleton Jones has worked as a Locum for 35 years, and he’s shared his experience.

What are the main benefits of Locum work for you?

“For me, the main benefit of Locum work is definitely the ability to be flexible and have the time to focus on other interests. I’m able to take a break from Pharmacy whenever it suits me so I can work on other projects and passions, such as cycling. Locuming even gave me the flexibility to study for and complete two other degrees. It means I have another career alongside pharmacy which keeps my pharmacy work fresh and enjoyable.”

How does working as a Locum fit in with your personal commitments?

“I have always taken the view that Locums should embrace the flexibility on offer, so I have always been happy to travel. This has often led to stays away from home and this is something I have really enjoyed. It’s an opportunity to see new places and meet new people. It’s not like being a sailor and going away for months!”

Has working as a Locum helped you to gain experience and skills in different settings?

“Being a Locum has introduced me to experiences from the sublime to the extraordinary, which have extended my experience and skills immeasurably. I can now walk into any pharmacy and feel at home within five minutes. The more prescribers and prescriptions you have worked with, the more interesting and educational experiences you will benefit from. And the larger the range of staff you work with, the greater your interpersonal knowledge and skills will develop. I always feel like I can learn as a Locum.”

How have you been able to contribute to the community in your role as a Locum?

“It’s the same as being a pharmacist in a single location in that we all aim to make life better for our patients and the public. We all want to contribute to the community and leave it a better place than we found it. What is different about being a Locum is that you get the opportunity to come in with a different perspective, so we provide another point of view. That has allowed me to fix things that have been overlooked and improve patient care across many locations, which is always rewarding.”

Why would you recommend working as a Locum to others?

“Working as a Locum for New Directions Pharmacy has given me incredible experience, options, and opportunities. I have support from a great and creative Account Manager who can geo-locate me wherever I want, it’s better than any travel agent! It makes every week seem fresh. I genuinely cannot imagine ever using any other agency or ever not being a Locum.”

Taking the new step to Locuming

You can register with New Directions Pharmacy and speak to its specialist Account Managers.

As a preferred supplier to local and independent community pharmacies, large national high-street companies and supermarkets, and public sector organisations, the agency uses its expertise and experiences to put the right people in the right places.

Taking pride in its personal touch, New Directions Pharmacy gets to know the ambitions of its Locums so the chemistry is right for the community. Get in touch today.