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Lloyds Pharmacy Opens ‘Pioneering’ Dispensing Unit

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A pioneering outpatient service that brings together community pharmacy and secondary care has been officially opened by England’s chief pharmaceutical officer Dr Keith Ridge.

The Lloyds Pharmacy outpatient scheme, a partnership with the Royal Liverpool University Hospital provides outpatient dispensing for haematology, gastroenterology, pain and renal clinic patients.

Outpatients using the service are able to collect prescriptions at the pharmacy, which is located within the hospital. This allows hospital pharmacy staff to spend more time providing advice and assistance to medical and nursing staff and patients.

The Lloydspharmacy team received training to ensure staff were fully briefed on the different specialist drugs which may be prescribed in the hospital.

Andy Murdock, pharmacy relations and governance director at Lloydspharmacy, said community pharmacy was “well placed to work alongside hospital trusts to deliver service efficiencies and service improvements”.

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  1. Absalom Masuku's Gravatar

    Absalom Masuku says:

    The opening of the “Pioneering Dispensing Unit” by Lloyds Pharmacy should be viewed as the most sensible development within the pharmaceutical field after a number of years. It is a desired link between hospital and community pharmacy, allowing all the parties involved to widen their knowledge of drugs, diseases,side effects, interactions and customer care. It also allows the pharmacist and technicians to have an indepth understanding of prescribing patterns and drug dosages which are are slightly different from those recommended in BNF. However, the success of this venture will depend to a greater extent on the willingness of the parties involved to learn new things and embrace change.