General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) & Registration Fees

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GPhC & Registration Fees

From 27th September 2010 the anticipated change in pharmacy regulation will take place. This is as a result of the govt decision that the RPSGB cannot act as a regulator and leadership body (in line with other healthcare professions). This will result in the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) becoming the regulator and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPSGB) being the leadership body.

1 All registered pharmacists will be issued with a new unique GPhC registration number from the 27th September. This new number will differ from the current registration number and will be required by any pharmacist wanting to practice professionally.

2 To remain on the register for next year pharmacists must pay their retention fee by the 30th November this year. Pharmacist will receive renewal notices by 30th September. The GPhC will not send out any reminders and have confirmed that any pharmacist who has not paid the fee by this deadline will be removed off the register after 31st December 2010.

3 The GPhC will not have a non-practising register. The GPhC will only register those appropriately qualified and fit to practise who meet CPD requirements.

4 From the 27th September certificates of registration with the RPSGB will cease to be valid.

5 Practising Pharmacy Technicians not already on the register have until 30th June 2011 to apply.

6 From next year onwards the registration will need renewing after 10 months so by the 31st October of each year for the majority of pharmacists. Any new members who join during the year eg newly qualified or overseas pharmacist will have to renew 10 months from their initial registration date.

Further information can be found on the GPhC website is

Please update the ND team at your earliest convenience once you have received your new Registration Number.