Swine Flu update for New Directions Clients

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We have introduced some interim procedures to help us all cope with the effects of the Swine Flu Pandemic.

The current outbreak of swine flu is taken very seriously by New Directions Professional. We are wholly aware of the potential effects on our clients and, as the largest supplier of pharmaceutical staff in the UK, have taken the lead in attempting to co-ordinate information in respect of the continuing of health of our contracted locums.

We have initiated a 24 hour swine flu hotline and on-line service to enable anyone affected to inform us as and when they demonstrate any symptoms or become affected by the illness.

The intention is to identify at an early stage the likelihood of staffing shortages so as to enable us to replace affected pharmacists with alternative staff.

New Directions Professional is the preferred supplier to a number of major high street chains across the UK and appreciates the possibility that there will be a great strain on pharmacies during the forthcoming months.

Should you have any urgent or pressing requirements, please call our Swine Flu hotline number 02920 827600 or mail [email protected] without delay.

We will of course monitor the ongoing situation over the immediate weeks and update all clients on a periodic basis. Alternatively, please feel free to speak to me or members of my staff if you feel we can help in any way.

Thank you for your co-operation.