An eco-friendly approach

As an award-winning group of market-leading companies, New Directions recognises our responsibilities to protect the environment for future generations.

We’re passionate about embracing an eco-friendly approach and regularly encourage our employees and third parties to do the same wherever and whenever they can.

Since 2013, New Directions’ Head Office in Cardiff has held ISO14001:2015 accreditation in recognition of our environmentally friendly business operations, and we’re proud of our eco-conscious activities.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate with New Directions on an eco-related issue, please contact us today.

Emily Tune, ISO14001 ISO9001

The Eco Committee

We formed an Eco-Committee in April 2022 to ensure we’re playing our part in protecting the planet and to take a strategic approach to improve our own sustainability.

The committee will be led by Frances Harflett, Interim Quality Assurance Manager, and comprises of employees from across the New Directions Group.

Meeting on a regular basis, the committee’s role is to:

  • Represent employees,
  • Review outcomes of actions and initiatives,
  • Discuss group-wide measures to achieve goals.
An image of a Welsh river to represent New Directions' eco-friendly approach.

Eco Committee’s goals

The Eco Committee will work towards achieving:

  • Zero net carbon emissions by 2050.
  • A carbon reduction plan, approved by Senior Management.
  • A schedule for benchmarking emissions and waste.

The Eco Committee’s members include:

  • Frances Harflett | Interim Quality Assurance Manager
  • Leanne Jones | Group Facilities Manager
  • Elizabeth Kemp | Recruitment Consultant
  • Holly Morgan | Graphic Designer
An image of Welsh mountains to represent New Directions' eco-friendly approach.

“Everyone has a part to play in mitigating climate change and minimising our environmental impact wherever we can. We take our responsibility in caring for the environment, and are highly focused on proactively working to improve on the systems and processes we put in place to support this.”

Emily Tune, Group Director at New Directions