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Client Service Questionnaire

As part of our Quality Assurance process, please could you take the time to complete this questionnaire as it would help us to evaluate and improve the service we are providing you with?

1. On contacting New Directions, was the consultant knowledgeable, responsive and did they understand your needs?

2. Was the consultant professional and did they deal with your request efficiently?

3. How did you rate the quality of the candidate(s) provided?

4. Are you kept in regular contact by New Directions?

5. Are New Directions your primary agency provider?

7. How does New Directions' service compare with those of any recruitment agencies you have used?

8. From the following list, please could you select the 3 factor(s) that are most important to you when choosing to use an agency and mark 1-3, 1 being the most important:

9. How do you rate the overall service you received from New Directions (Recruitment) Ltd?

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our services.

New Directions will process the data you provide in accordance with our Privacy Notice.