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Our Beloved Bristol is named Number One in the Technology Stakes – a Blog by Kirsty Knowles

Image of Bristol

Our team set up in Bristol just over three years ago. We took the decision to build bridges…well, just over the bridge because of increasing links with the social care community in the region and reports of a city set to take over technologically, socially and culturally. We made the right decision. This week we were delighted to read a report* detailing how Bristol had overtaken London to be named the ‘UK’s Smartest City’. What does that actually mean? Well, in short it’s all about innovation and digital technology. The city has become a thought leader in helping its communities […]

An award winning recruiter – Bristol we need YOU! – A blog by Sarah Blackmore

We are an award winning successful company... ...why can’t we recruit in Bristol? Our team are on the hunt for a Recruitment Consultant. We are looking for someone to join our Bristol operation to add even more success to our very brilliant team…but we are struggling to find the right person. With a population of 449,300 (yes I have been on the government statistics website) – of which 306,300 are of a working age, I have to ask the question, WHY can’t we find someone? We chose Bristol as a home for our team a few years ago; we love the city – the culture, the food, the music...the […]

Fabulous February…here so soon – a Blog by Sarah Blackmore

How did we get to February so quickly? I feel like I have been in a whirlwind of festivities, new business, planning, planning and more planning as well as keeping my brilliant tweenager in check with all things school and dancing. I took some time out this weekend and headed to the coast with friends. When I say ‘time out’ we actually dashed over to the ever changing (but not quite changing) Barry Island to take in some arcades and ice cream. Though the weather was quite…bracing, it was lovely to let off some steam and enjoy seeing my own daughter enjoying all the carefree brilliance […]

Children’s Mental Health Week 2018

Children’s Mental Health week ran from 5 – 11th February this year, with the theme “Being Ourselves” which is championed by children’s charity, Place2be. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who has been the Royal Patron of Place2be since 2013, launched children’s mental health week with a thought provoking video message. "Our experience of the world at this early stage helps to shape who we become as adults, how we begin to feel comfortable in our own skin." Place2be encouraged children, young people and adults to celebrate their uniqueness. It was all about #BeingOurselves! When […]

A Valentine’s Blog – how to keep your heart and mind healthy

Heart with stethoscope

Valentine’s Day is recognised as a celebration of romance across the world. That’s why for many people, whether they are in a relationship or not, days which are supposed to celebrate love and togetherness can only highlight how different, alone, or low they can feel. One in four of us will have problems with our mental health at some time in our lives. Many of us struggle to live up to the ideals we see on TV, in advertising and on social media. At New Directions, we want to promote self-love; which we believe is important to living well. Self-love influences who you pick as friends, […]

Cold Weather Snap – How we can ALL help…

Image of hands in gloves in cold weather

With another expected onslaught of cold weather, our team have been reflecting on what steps we can all take to protect the most vulnerable members of our community during this time. From elderly neighbours who may not be as mobile to those individuals who are experiencing homelessness. The Social Care sector is without doubt one of the major employment groups within the UK under considerable pressure. This sector alongside healthcare work to support those individuals who need it most within society. In previous years we have produced a guide to supporting the groups at risk during adverse […]

The topical topic of childcare – private nurseries and beyond…

Nursery age pupil experimenting with paint

Many parents of young children face tough decisions upon their little ones’ arrival into the world. After the highs (and lows) of maternity and paternity leave comes the decision on what to do next. When the time to return to work comes, we need to make calculated decisions on what to do with our little darlings. From relying on family members (if you are lucky enough to have them on hand and energised) to child minding services to private nurseries. Our team work with many registered private nurseries and have done so for many years. We have worked to supply qualified, competent and compliant […]

World Cancer Day

Most of us at one time or other has been deeply affected by cancer. It is an aggressive disease that tears families and loved ones apart. Here at New Directions Social Care we are raising awareness of World Cancer Day in the hope that we can combat this disease. What is World Cancer Day? On 4 February, World Cancer Day is a day to unite in the fight against cancer. Every Unity Band worn, every pound donated and every gesture of support will play an important part of beating cancer sooner. The funds raised from incredible people like you will support thousands of scientists, doctors and nurses […]

Leading Wales Awards – what happened next…

In 2013 Director of New Directions Social Care Sarah Blackmore was a finalist for the Leading Wales Awards in Cardiff. This week she was approached by the team at Leaders in Wales to reflect on what the process meant for her and her career since that time. Take a look at her thoughts... What did being shortlisted for or winning a Leading Wales Award mean to you? I felt incredibly proud to be nominated and recognised as a leader in Wales. When shortlisted in 2013, I had been in my role for a couple of years and we had experienced a lot of challenges and obstacles. As a manager, you are constantly […]

A Festive Blog from Sarah Blackmore – 2017 a year in review…

Once more the year is almost complete and I am left to reflect on the 12 months that have passed. The team has grown, changed shape (geographically and promotions) and we have strengthened resource more than ever before. We have worked tirelessly to support our community with recruitment and training solutions, round the clock, using innovative (and at times creative) ideas to resolve staffing gaps and skills shortages. We have laughed, cried and at times sighed at the challenges thrown up throughout 2017, but we made it…and we are in finer shape than ever. This end-of-year blog always […]

New Directions Social Care Support Christmas Charity Drive for Children

Presents donated by New Directions for Mr X Appeal

New Directions Social Care have once more rallied to help provide over 250 gifts for children in South Wales this coming Christmas. The business has worked with the Mr X Appeal Swansea charity initiative since 2013. The festive drive encourages individuals to donate a gift for a child who may be in difficult circumstances this yuletide. The team did not disappoint. Leah Seltzer, Head of Compliance and Quality Assurance for New Directions spearheads the challenge annually. She said 'firstly I can't believe we are here again one year on with so many gifts to donate. Sadly in the last 12 months […]

Bristol Recruiter Supports Homeless Plight at Christmas

New Directions Social Care team decorate homeless shelter

A Bristol-based recruitment firm has come to the call of a homeless shelter for a second successive year. New Directions Social Care have once more worked in partnership with St Mungo's - a charity aimed at ending homelessness and rebuilding lives to make one of their south west based hostels a little more cheery this festive season. Speaking about their contribution, Kirsty Knowles, branch lead for the Temple Meads based social care recruiter said 'last year we worked with St Mungo's when they wanted to decorate a hostel in the city. Our teams across the South West and South Wales combined […]