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Do you have what it takes to be a care worker?

Do you have what it takes to be a care worker? Do you enjoy looking after people, helping with everyday tasks to improve someone’s day-to-day life? We’re on the hunt for people to join our team of carers, working within your community, learning new skills and making a real difference to people’s lives. Take our quick personality quiz to find out whether you could earn money for doing what comes naturally – caring.

What makes a great carer?

  • Positivity
    a great carer has a great sense of humour, and can be honest and realistic without being negative
  • Openness
    you’ll find it easy to build a rapport and take a genuine interest in people
  • Passion
    a good carer will really believe in their work, and feel passionately about doing a good job
  • Communication
    communicating clearly and helping people to feel comfortable and happy is key
  • Attentiveness
    great carers are great listeners, always focusing on what’s being said
  • Desire to learn
    mastering new skills excites you – there’s always something new to learn for a carer
  • Dedication
    are you proactive? Love going the extra mile? These are both things that a good carer has
  • Calm under pressure
    nothing phases you – in the eye of a storm, you’ll know just what to do
  • Reliability
    a good carer is always right where they say they’re going to be, when they say they’ll be there
  • Flexibility
    you’ll be able to adapt to change and new situations as they arise
  • Patience
    a good carer is compassionate and calm, taking their time, even in challenging situations

Take the Quiz

  1. It’s a neighbour’s birthday and you’ve taken a cake over to celebrate. But when you give them the cake they drop it and it smashes on the floor. Do you…
  2. If you won £1m tomorrow you would…
  3. It’s your first day as a care worker and you’re at your first appointment. Do you…
  4. You’re in a cafe and notice an elderly person struggling with their chair. Do you…
  5. You have a week off to spend at home – do you…
  6. You’ve agreed to do some shopping for a friend while they’re unwell, and notice their house could do with tidying up too. Do you…
  7. You’re on the bus and a stranger starts talking to you about the traffic – do you…
  8. You’ve arranged to meet a friend to help her through a tricky time in life, but then get a text from another friend with free tickets to a concert you’ve been desperate to see – do you…
  9. You’re in a cafe for lunch with friends and the waiter gets your order wrong, when you politely complain, the manager tells off the waiter in front of everybody – do you…
  10. One of the people you care for has asked if you’ll help them write some letters, then when you arrive they say the lawn needs mowing instead – do you…
  11. The person you care for hasn’t answered their phone or their doorbell at the time you’re supposed to be meeting them. Do you…


Mostly As: You’re a natural

You’re caring, kind, organised, and aren’t afraid to roll your sleeves up and get the job done. You know not to take things too personally, and work in a flexible way that suits both you and those around you. You’d make an ideal carer! We offer free training and career progression and would love to hear from you – get in touch using the form below to find out more.

Mostly Bs: This might not be the career for you

You’re driven, focused, and thrive in structured environments. Caring might not be the most obvious career choice for you, but we bet you know somebody who’d love it and be fantastic – share this quiz with them using the share buttons below or tell them to get in touch with us to find out more!

Mostly Cs: You’re a carer in the making!

You really care about people and will bend over backwards to make sure they’re happy and well looked-after. With a little training from us, we just know you’ll make an amazing carer. We offer free training and career progression and would love to hear from you! – get in touch using the form below to find out more.

Join our team

New Directions Social Care is recruiting care workers to join our Social Care Team. We offer both short or long-term placements, in supply or permanent roles. Our dynamic team are on hand to offer you advice, guidance and support in your career.

Our Benefits:

  • Dedicated consultant in your local office
  • Weekly pay – usually above market average
  • Holiday pay
  • Work in different sectors to expand your skill set
  • 24/7 support with our dedicated-on call service
  • Online candidate portal to log availability, check payslips and request holiday
  • FREE training – mandatory and more specialist training
  • Recommend a friend scheme
  • Variety of flexible shift patterns

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