Helping employees to get the most out of their careers

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At New Directions we pride ourselves on helping our staff strive for professional development throughout their careers with us. Whether it’s an internship, contract or full-time employment. We ensure we support our employee’s as they continue to grow.

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One such employee is; Rhiannon Newell, who is interning with our HR department for 10 weeks whilst she studies in her second year at the University of South Wales to gain a BA (Hons) in Human Resources Management.

She says of her experience:

At New Directions, I’ve gained a fascinating insight into the world of human resources (HR). I’ve been exposed to the challenges it faces and the work that’s being done to overcome issues. The internship has motivated me to do the best I can when applying my knowledge to the workplace. It’s taught me to put more thought and detail into the tasks I undertake and it’s also developed my confidence in the workplace. Within my role I learnt how important it is to be professional and to demonstrate as much understanding of a subject as possible.

What I enjoyed most about my placement was being part a fantastic team. They were very positive, supportive, accommodating and more importantly, made me feel like I was a valued member of staff. HR at New Directions are driving forward a great vision for the company. The projects I’ve worked on will help contribute to this.

We wish Rhiannon the best of luck during her studies and her continued success throughout her career.

Read the article in full with the University of South Wales.