Mental Health Awareness Week – Be kind to yourself

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It’s important to be kind to yourself as well.

Whatever you can manage today is good enough. Some people feel that the lockdown is giving them the time and chance to learn new skills or try new things. This maybe you, and if so, enjoy and celebrate that.

If this isn’t you, try not to beat yourself up about what others seem to be doing. If things are hard right now, try and find some small things to celebrate each day. Getting up and washing your hair can be just as much of an achievement as someone else posting about a 5k run on Facebook.

Be kind to yourself

  • Plan in some ‘me’ time, self-care is so important. Take time to relax and reflect on how you are feeling
  • Take a break from social media for a day or two
  • Do something that you enjoy, whether that be reading a book, listening to music, or just simply making good use of your daily exercise
  • Spend some time in nature, which is good for our mental health

Take each day as it comes, don’t over plan or set unrealistic expectations on yourself. We will all have good days and bad during lockdown, therefore being kind to yourself by setting realistic milestones is important to ensure you don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

A little every day, builds up to achieving a lot at the end of the week!