Mike’s Giving Back Day

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Mike Murphy, our Education Contract Account Manager, recently dedicated his ‘Giving Back Day’ to the Pantry Project.

During Mike’s visit to Jenner Park Primary School, he had the opportunity to discuss the Pantry Project with Ruth, the school’s Family Liaison Officer. Ruth enlightened Mike about the project’s objectives and the ongoing need for support. Inspired by the cause, Mike immediately expressed his willingness to help.

Ruth informed Mike that they were in the process of building benches and shelves for The Pantry. They needed assistance with painting and varnishing, and Mike eagerly volunteered to pick up a paintbrush and lend a hand.

The Pantry Project, driven by Jenner Park Primary School, aims to create a pay-as-you-feel, non-profit shop called The Pantry. This shop serves as a space for families and individuals in the local community to socialise, relax, and access educational resources. The project also provides computers for those who may not have internet access at home.

Reflecting on his experience, Mike shared, “The whole experience was amazing, and everyone was so grateful for our support. It was very heartfelt.”

In June, The Pantry officially opened its doors, thanks to the hard work of dedicated volunteers like Mike. The school expressed sincere gratitude to all the individuals who helped with the opening and continue to contribute by manning the shop, collecting surplus food, and preparing food bags for those in need.

If you’re curious about how other employees have utilized their ‘Giving Back Days,’ read Sarah’s inspiring story on our website. It’s amazing to see the positive impact our teams are making in neighbouring communities!

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