6 Benefits of registering with New Directions as an NQT

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Summer is upon us and September is fast approaching, which means that Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) all over the country are preparing to step into the wide and wonderful world of teaching.

Training to be a Teacher is an exciting challenge and the start of your rewarding future career. But graduating as an NQT can be a daunting and nerve-wracking prospect for many. With the stress of job searching and the added pressure of finding your perfect first placement as a Teacher against strong competition, taking your first steps as an NQT can be tough.

Newly qualified teacher (NQT)

With a dedicated and experienced New Directions Consultant by your side, we will match your skills with the right schools, fully supporting you to find the work that you want, where you want it in your NQT year and beyond. New Directions Education helps to make the transition from Student to NQT easier by offering support and guidance to get you off to a strong start. Here are our Account Managers’ top six reasons to register with ND Education to kick off your NQT year:

1. Finding a school that suits you

After finishing University, we understand that you might feel under pressure to secure a permanent role as soon as possible. However, this may not necessarily be the right step for everyone. In fact, if you’re not sure which direction you want to take in your career, going into supply teaching as an NQT is a sensible first step. It allows you to find your feet in local schools and figure out the type of school you wish to begin your career in.

Supply teaching gives you the chance to find a school that suits you, with flexibility over your diary and the autonomy to shape your own schedule. Your dedicated New Directions Account Manager will get to know you personally, taking a proactive approach to find you the work that you want, be it short or long-term supply, in schools that are perfectly matched to your skills, experience, and requirements.

2. An opportunity to network and build relationships

Working as a Supply Teacher can provide you with an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills to potential employers, on both a day-to-day and longer-term basis. Supply work enables you to build a rapport and develop relationships with schools and to network with local Teachers and get yourself known in the local community.

Thanks to these relationships, short-term supply work often leads to long-term opportunities and potentially direct contracts as an NQT. Even just a single day of supply work essentially means you can make a fantastic and long-lasting impression on a school, ensuring that you a remembered for future opportunities.

3. Variety and choice as an NQT

The New Directions Education team helps to provide supply staff to hundreds of schools across England and Wales and we know that no day is ever the same! Working in a variety of schools and different environments can be an enriching and insightful experience for any NQT. Teaching in different settings exposes you to different teachers’ planning, teaching and assessing methods, meaning that you can continue to learn, develop and hone your skills.

We work with large and small schools in city and rural locations, and we are fully committed to understanding both client and candidate requirements to match you to a suitable position in a school that you choose to work in. Your designated Account Manager is here to support you and find you the work you want.

Newly qualified teacher (NQT)

4. Professional development

Although working as a Supply Teacher already further develops your teaching skills as an NQT, New Directions Education also offers free Continuing Professional Development opportunities for you to benefit from.

Throughout the year, we offer numerous short training courses including British Sign Language, Mindfulness & Wellbeing, First Aid, Team Teach, Mental Health Awareness and many more. Our award-winning training department is dedicated to providing Teachers with high-quality training opportunities and when registered with us as an NQT, you can benefit from this and get a step ahead of the competition thanks to our specialist NQT seminars.

5. Guaranteed payment scheme (GPS)

Registering as a Supply Teacher in your NQT year doesn’t have to be a short-term fix. Your dedicated Account Manager will help you to secure a long-term placement if that is your goal.

However, if your Account Manager is currently not shortlisting for a full-time placement, our Guaranteed Payment Scheme (GPS) secures you the agreed amount of work you want each week. GPS also offers you financial security and peace of mind, guaranteeing regular work and a regular income throughout the academic year.

6. Full support with your NQT portfolio

There is no need to be concerned about building your NQT portfolio as a Supply Teacher. In fact, you will be fully supported in completing your NQT induction while working for New Directions Education.

Our programme of free NQT seminars features guest-speakers from the EWC and Central South Consortium, to further help you gain an understanding of how to build your NQT portfolio on a supply basis.

Our next NQT seminar is on 20 August 2019, to get you ready for going back to school for the new school year as an NQT. When you register with New Directions Education, you can join our seminars to discuss what it means to be a good teacher, explore the new curriculum, prepare you with some dos and don’ts when working as a supply teacher and so much more.

Newly qualified teacher (NQT)

Contact us to find out more about registering with New Directions Education as an NQT:

Primary schools
Contact: Carley Edwards
Telephone: 02920 390133 (option 2)
Email: [email protected]

Secondary schools
Contact: Hannah Monaghan
Telephone: 02920 390133 (option 3)
Email: [email protected]

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