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Victoria & Phoebe's Top Tips for NQTs

We asked Victoria and Phoebe if they had any hot tips to share with fellow NQTs ahead of the new school year.

Phoebe says “Congratulations! You’ve made it into the best profession in the world. Don’t be afraid to ask for support and keep educating future generations.”

Victoria gave some of her top tips for NQTs:

  • “Buy a 4-in-1 colour pen. Some schools have specific colours for Supply Teachers, others for specific types of comments.
  • Check out the New Direction courses – they are useful and they are free!
  • Keep on top of experiences – just get them done. Use photos, planning and activities as evidence and don’t forget you can use an experience for lots of different Teaching Standards.
  • If you don’t know, ASK. Whether in school, via your Account Manager or the EWC, if you have a question you should ask it.
  • Link up with other NQTs – I have been fortunate to have a support network with my fellow NQT friends which has been helpful when preparing for an unfamiliar key stage or an interview.
  • Make sure you have some time for yourself. A hobby, a book, Netflix, gym membership or the pub. Make sure you spend a little time away from the stresses of work or the NQT year, it will do you good.
  • Don’t worry if you have not completed the NQT year by July – if you are working on a supply basis, you are given the flexibility to continue your days into the next academic year, and you will get there. If there are any major changes, just keep the EWC informed.”

Supply teaching is a great way to start your teaching career as an NQT. We hope you find these tips useful and insightful, but if you have any further questions, just give your Account Manager a call or register with New Directions Education today to join our growing community of NQTs.

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