New Directions takes a step closer to Net Zero carbon emissions

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Press release: New Directions has taken a step closer to Net Zero status with the formation of its own eco-committee dedicated to making the ambition a reality by 2050.

The committee will help the UK recruitment specialist take a more strategic approach to improve its sustainability as a company by embarking on a specialist carbon reduction plan that has been approved by its senior management.

Led by Quality Assurance Manager, Frances Harflett, the committee is multidisciplinary and comprised of employees from across the New Directions group of companies. The committee will meet regularly to review outcomes, actions and initiatives designed to help the recruiter become even more eco-friendly.

“We’re really passionate at New Directions about embracing an eco-friendly approach and regularly encourage our employees and third parties to do the same.

“By forming a specialist eco-committee, we will have an even greater focus on achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, following a schedule for benchmarking emissions and waste reduction, supported by our senior management team.

“This is the level of ambition set out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change necessary to hold global warming to its current levels, and one we intend to support as fully as we are able to as a business, and as individuals with a responsibility to do our bit for climate change too.”

Frances Harflett, Quality Assurance Manager, New Directions

Established in 1994 and with its headquarters in Wales, the New Directions Group of award-winning companies provides specialist recruitment and training support within education, pharmacy and social care.

It also delivers specialist domiciliary care to individuals and their families, and an effective online management system for employee checks on behalf of organisations UK-wide. 

In addition to the formation of its eco-committee, New Directions has held ISO14001:2015 certification since 2013 in recognition of promoting excellence in its environmentally friendly business operations. A recertification audit was recently completed in 2021.

Awarded to New Directions’ head office in Cardiff, the scheme recognises an increase in the proportion of recyclable waste, a reduction of general waste and paper usage, and the exchange of standard products for more sustainable options.

“We’re really passionate about implementing our green agenda, so I’m really happy our colleagues have stepped up to be a part of this eco-committee alongside their existing commitments.

“We are hugely proud of their dedication and commitment in leading us towards our goal of achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, and their willingness to take such a proactive role in taking care of the environment on behalf of future generations.”

Emily Tune, Chief Executive Officer, New Directions

The New Directions Group as a whole comprises New Directions Holdings Ltd, New Directions Education, New Directions Pharmacy, New Directions Health & Social Care, ND Care & Support, and Checks Direct.

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