Promotion of the Year?

Whilst researching a local college, we come across this interesting and inspirational story that involves a Teaching Assistant who has recently received a truly epic promotion.

As we all know, Teaching Assistants are skilled, caring individuals who positively impact the learning of the children in our schools, those skills and attributes will hold Mr Ibrahim in good stead over the coming months.

Mohamed Ibrahim had, until recently, been working as a Learning Support Assistant in his local college, in Brent North London, however over the summer holiday, he landed himself one of the most important jobs in his homeland of Somalia.

After spending 2 years as an LSA, Mohamed failed to return for the new academic year, his reason…. Because he had been offered a
new position… The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia!

Mr Ibrahim had been asked to help the country tackle the devastating drought and famine which is gripping his Homeland.

Mohamed had some kind words for his colleagues upon accepting his new post:

I will always have Newman Catholic College in my heart and won’t forget the wonderful colleagues.

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