New Finnish School In Cardiff

Members of the Finnish community in Cardiff have opened their own school for those wishing to boost links to their heritage. This Finnish School provides classes for children with Finnish roots and also lessons for the parents who want to learn the language.

This school is based in Llanishen, Cardiff.  They currently have three sessions available on a Saturday, but they hope to have more running shortly.

The children learn through play based activities and the mothers can also update their language skills through their partners learning classes. Members of the community who do not have a Finnish background are also welcome to attend.

Saara Goddard, the chairwoman of the school, said there was a big take-up from half-Finnish families. They are keen for their children to make social contacts with others and to use the language outside of the family home.

This school is a non-profit making charity which is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.