Ponthir School awarded second Eco flag

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F.E.S.C. (Fairtrade, Eco & School Council) has been set up by Ponthir C/W School in Torfaen.

It is made up of 14 pupils, 2 from each year group. To be included in the F.E.S.C group, children have to be nominated and a vote takes place. They meet regularly to discuss school issues.

In November the school were awarded their second Eco Flag and have also achieved Fairtrade status – the first primary school in Torfaen to have done so!

To gain Fairtrade status the F.E.S.C group organised a Big Brew event where they organised and ran a cafe for the local community in the school hall which was a free event aimed at raising the profile of Fairtrade. They also organised and ran a school Fairtrade Harvest assembly. Fairtrade is now an integral part of school life which was emphasised by their biggest achievement in writing to Torfaen Catering and persuading them to supply Fairtrade orange juice with the children’s school lunches.

Gaining Fairtrade status was a contributing factor towards the second Green Flag. Other projects included the development of a global link with The Gambia where the school established links with a school in Kassa Kunda, Brikama. The children organised fund-raising activities to help the children in Kassa Kunda and have sent over basic stationery items, toys, books and have sent money to help provide a safe Well for a new school that is being built. Mrs Davey and Mrs Spooner visited the school in February, and hope to return in 2013 to develop this link further.

The children were actively involved in encouraging safer parking around their school grounds and the development of a school travel plan. They are now excited about a new venture as a meadow area is being proposed alongside the school, this would provide a wonderful opportunity for outside learning and the study of local plants and wildlife.

Mrs Davey, Assistant Head, has guided the F.E.S.C children and is very proud of the schools achievement.

The school has been supported throughout their Fairtrade journey by Martha and David Holman who have set up  www.ilovezimbabwe.co.uk