Bowness Primary School on the Up

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After a period of poor results, falling pupil numbers and poor attendance the Senior Leadership Team from Bowness Community Primary School and Prestolee Primary School met to come up with a plan to improve things. Mike Tonge and Mike Govier from the schools spearheaded the project. Through lots of hard work and determination the team have managed to drastically improve the poor results, falling pupil numbers and poor attendance to a high level.

Primary Consultant Simon Weston said “ I am very happy for everyone at the school as the staff work extremely hard and its paying off with the recent improvements.”

Business Development Officer Stuart Ash said  ” This is fantastic news that the school is improving and this is credit to all the staff.” 

Amanda Stuart office manager from Bowness added “I am very happy for the school, we have worked so hard to improve and everything has paid off.”

Congratulations to everyone at Bowness Community Primary School for all their hard work.